12 Step

12 Step Program

Many uninformed people consider a 12 step program to be the end all when it comes to alcohol and addiction recovery. A more progressive view would be to consider a 12 step program as a starting off point on the way to permanent recovery.

A 12 step program is often done under the direction of a sponsor or spiritual counselor. Having attended these programs for many years I can tell you that there are almost as many ways of applying the 12 steps as there are sponsors.

One sponsor may have the individual working step one for many months, while another sponsor on the other side of the table may counsel to move through all 12 steps as quickly as possible. Examples like this can and do exist for all the other steps as well.

To me, the key to an effective 12 step program is a very clear understanding of each of the steps. This would include fully understanding each term that is used in the definition of a given step. Statistics show that when terms are misunderstood the step itself is generally misunderstood, with a resulting inability to effectively apply what is asked for. Once the words are fully understood, the addicts or alcoholics understanding of the step should be consulted with examples of “How could it be that way, how could it not be that way”. This would allow the addict or alcoholic to insure a simple understanding of the step before applying them to himself.

A 12 step program is usually embarked upon, only after the addict or alcoholic has created numerous “catastrophes” for himself, family, career, and loved ones. It follows that a 12 step program and its application on a personal level often contains lots of reaction and emotion on the addicts or alcoholics part. Understanding each step is a giant step towards the effective use of a 12 step program.

An individual really needs to find out what is needed of them to achieve full recovery. When one chooses a 12 step program, go in thinking that you can overcome your addiction and you are not going to be an addict for the rest of your life. If you believe that you are going to battle this “disease” everyday for the rest of your life, you are fortunately mistaken. Drug and alcohol addiction is not a disease and can be overcome and this is proven everyday with individuals. There are thousands of people out there that have had issues with drugs and alcohol and are no longer plagued by the affects it creates. There is hope out there for drug and alcohol addiction and all a person has to do is believe that they will overcome their addiction related issues and work each program step by step and they have the ability to achieve successful recovery for a lifetime.