12 Step

Al-anon 12 Steps

Al-anon 12 steps are those very same 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous.  It is interesting that the friends and loved ones of alcoholics would be governed in their recovery by the very same 12 steps that govern the recovery of alcoholics.

The problems of alcoholics can be summarized into problems of cravings, guilt and depression.  Cravings for the alcohol itself.  This can and is emotional craving as well as physical craving. 

Guilt and depression comes from the lifestyle of dishonesty and deceit that most of us alcoholics became involved in during our alcoholism.

Most effective rehabilitation programs realize these facts, as well as the fact that the individual needs to confront and resolve these issues with and for themselves.  The same is true for Al-anon members.  They are quite often riddled with cravings to help their loved one, as well as guilt and depression over past actions or inactions.  Life is generally not lived in a cave and one must interact with other human beings.  These best start towards healing another is to first heal thyself.

Rationalization, justification, and blame are the main stumbling blocks in applying the Al-anon 12 steps or the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous.  A good sponsor in this area would be a good listener.  He or she will hear all kinds of “reasons why” on both sides of alcoholism and his or her best action is often to simply listen and understand.  By simply acknowledging the person without necessarily agreeing with them, one would be able to build an empathy where the person can peel away all the layers of defense mechanisms and come at last into the daylight of true willingness to look at the truth of things from all sides.

The Al-anon 12 steps offer and entry point to understanding for seeking to heal from the effects of another’s alcoholism.  Healing is possible, for shattered lives and families.

When an individual is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, immediate action needs to be taken. The individual’s life is at risks and many of the lives surrounding him or her are at risk as well.  If you or your loved one is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, find treatment. Whether the treatment is an Al-anon 12 Step program or a long term residential rehabilitation program, a person’s best defense against drugs is treatment of some sort.  Get a full assessment of you life and the drug of choice you are using so that you can find the best treatment option for yourself or your loved one. Don’t just go to a program because someone else achieved recovery from it. You are an individual and a program needs to be tailored to you if you want to achieve the same kind of recovery.