12 Step

Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps

There are many methods than one can use to fight drug or alcohol addiction, one of these being the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 steps.  These steps have been adapted by many, many recovery programs over the years with surprisingly little alteration.

What has changed over the years is the understanding an application of these 12 steps.  There are probably many reasons for this.  One reason is a basic misunderstanding of the definitions of the actual terms used in these steps. 

As simple as this sounds, the mis-definition of words can create lots of misunderstanding and mis-applications.  The Alcoholics Anonymous 12 steps are fairly straight forward when full understood.  This is why the first part of the Big Book is reproduced without alteration in edition after edition.  When working with someone on these steps a good first step is always to sit down with a good dictionary and insure each step is fully understood.  Having the person give his own examples of how it could be that way, or how it could not be that way, will go a long way towards bringing about an understanding of the actual steps and their possible application and importance to the individual.

Another reason is that often times “other” theories creep into and muddy up the pureness of the 12 steps.  The psycho-babble concept of chemical imbalances in the brain causing addiction or alcoholism is one of these.  Did you know that there is not one single study that validates this concept?  It is nothing more than somebody’s pet theory and has never been proven or validated.  Yet another is blaming addiction or alcoholism on mental illness.  There is no doubt that addiction or alcoholism can and does lead to mental derangement, both of a physical and spiritual nature.  This is quite different from addiction or alcoholism being a mental illness.  Vested interests of course have a direct monetary interested in making you think you are mentally ill.  For now they can give you a “dual diagnosis” and medicate for a lifetime on yet another substance, In effect replacing one addiction with another.

This may all seem a bit harsh, but years of experience and observation tend to bear all this out.  The Alcoholics Anonymous 12 steps are rigorous enough to apply and get results from without adding in misunderstandings of the steps or false data that does nothing but lead one down blind roads.

If you want to see if the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 steps work, then work the steps in their purity, not some adulterated or watered down version, and then decide for yourself. This is one of the few ways to achieve successful recovery and end the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction forever.