12 Step

Christian 12 Step

There are many types of alcohol and drug rehabs all over the world.  Many different techniques are used to help individuals get clean and sober and stay clean and sober.  Among these techniques is a program called Christian 12 Step.   Most everyone has heard of or has met someone that is involved in a 12 Step program and is ‘working the steps’ in recovery.  The Christian 12 Step is used in many Christian drug rehab centers and Christian alcohol treatment centers.  It works in keeping thousands and thousands of people off of drugs and alcohol on a daily basis.

More than seven decades ago, Alcoholics Anonymous was developed and since then, it has been very beneficial to alcoholics and drug addict’s world wide.  The 12 steps have been used and implemented in many forms of addiction:  Anything from gambling addiction, codependency problems and people with a spending addiction, just to name a few.  The 12 steps are even used by people that consider themselves workaholics!

The first step in the Christian 12 Step program is admitting to yourself that you are powerless to whatever it is that you are addicted to.  This step is crucial because, without admitting that there is a problem, an individual cannot go any further in moving on towards recovery. Not until an individual has admitted that he or she is powerless over the addiction, can he or she expect to make a full recovery and be able to live a clean and sober life. The second step talks about how the individual must ‘come to believe’ that without a power that is greater than oneself, one cannot recover.  The third step of the Christian 12 Step tells the addict or alcoholic that they must turn his or her life over to God as he or she is understood.  This is a very important step as it tells the addict that God, as he or she understands, is in charge and the addict or alcoholic must ‘let go and let God.’  This step is to help the addict or alcoholic feel as thought he or she is not alone as they work towards a life without drugs and alcohol.  Just knowing that and acknowledging a Higher Power is sometimes enough to help an addict or alcoholic in their day to day battle with addiction.

The eighth and ninth steps in recovery are, again, very important in recovery.  These are sometimes the hardest steps for most alcoholics and drug addicts.  In these steps, the individual acknowledges the he or she and the addiction have hurt other people and they must ask for forgiveness from the people that her or she has wronged or hurt.  This is difficult because the drug addict or alcoholic doesn’t want to face the pain that they have caused, nor do they want to relive it. The addict or alcoholic can’t fully recover until he or she admits their wrong actions and that these actions were not justified.

The Christian 12 Step recovery program has proven to be the new beginning for many people who feel that there isn’t hope for them anywhere.  Let go and let God.