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Drug Rehab Financing

In our current medical industry, unfortunately the best rehabs are not the cheapest rehabs.  In fact, the old adage “you get what you pay for” is indeed applicable to drug rehab to a certain degree.  While families shouldn’t expect that they need to sell their home and get second and third jobs, sometimes saving someone’s life does require a sacrifice like, as an example, parting with the old and rarely used bass boat.

And for some families, bass boats aren’t readily available and they are just simply doing their best to make ends meet.  When the unexpected and unprepared for addiction presents itself in a family, it can be tough for families to know where to turn.   Families do not want to sacrifice the quality of care for their loved one for any reason, especially for a financial reason.

Fortunately, the ability to finance treatment is available at most of the top centers.  Financing treatment can be available often through structured payment plans or even through the ability to get a loan for the balance of the program.  Most admissions counselors at the top facilities will be very educated on how to help families maximize their financing and lending potential including helping to identify credit scores and credit-worthiness and even extending to knowing which external lending companies to shop with, depending on each specific circumstance.

Because financing is so readily available for treatment, most of the centers including the top centers are no longer cost-prohibitive to most families.  This means that a family does not have to have to worry about getting their loved one the best help possible and ultimately saving their lives.

Our rehab center offers a wide range of financing and payment options for clients.

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