Vicodin Addiction Treatment and Rehab

Vicodin addiction is one of the fastest growing addictions in America today. The reason for this is that people get prescribed these addictive painkillers for minor ailments without realizing that they have such extremely addictive qualities. Someone may sprain their arm or have a minor of tooth ache, and get prescribed Vicodin.  What these people don’t realize is that they can be physically addicted to the Vicodin within days. Many people are under the misconception that it takes an extended amount of time to become addicted. This is not true. What’s even worse is that the Vicodin gives a person such a euphoric sense of relief from the pain that it becomes a mental addiction. Not only do you not feel the pain anymore, but now you have energy and are extremely happy! Who wouldn’t want to feel like this everyday? This is the question of someone beginning their struggle with Vicodin addiction help and due to this question more Vicodin rehab programs have become available. What they don’t realize is that this feeling comes from our brains overproduction of endorphins because of the drug. The drug is tricking our brain into thinking we are carefree and without pain. It inevitably will stop working as well when our brains attempt to compensate for this new ‘substance’ called Vicodin that is now present in the body. That is when the real problems begin.

Soon, our bodies will produce a tolerance for the drug and it will take a larger dose of the drug to have the same effect of pain relief and sense of well being. This is very dangerous especially for people suffering with chronic pain because not only does Vicodin contain the addictive substance called Hydrococone, but it also contains acetaminophen which is very hard on the kidney and liver. Large quantities of acetaminophen can not only cause accidental overdose, but can also cause such a strain on an addicts kidney’s that they will need kidney dialysis to survive.

This is why people need to realize that there is no quick fix for their minor aches and pains associated with everyday life. Vicodin addiction is real! The best way to deal with pain is to find natural solutions such as physical therapy, vitamins, minerals, and a healthy lifestyle. There are also many safe supplements and herbs to assist with many everyday somatics. The use of Vicodin will cause an addiction with physical problems and an addiction that far outweighs the original reason for taking the drug in the first place.

Once addicted, many individuals have to find some type of Vicodin addiction treatment plan to stop taking the drug if they ever want to live a long, happy and healthy life. Many times people will check into an inpatient Vicodin addiction treatment center to take care of this. This form of Vicodin treatment is the most successful and is most recommended by doctors and addiction counselors.


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