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About Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is one of the leading causes of death in world. The public may not hear about people dying very often due to alcohol poisoning, but they do hear about drunk drivers killing themselves, and those around them. Alcohol can be considered more dangerous than any other illicit drug.  According to World Health Organization, in its report over global status report on alcohol and health, about 2.5 million people lose their lives each year from alcohol related causes.

What Does Alcohol Do to Our Bodies?

Abusing Alcohol will slowly cause your body to deteriorate. Elderly people over 59 tend to die largely from heart disease- approximately 620,000 people die per year according to Center for Disease Control. The World Health Organization reports that in males aged 15-59 alcohol is the leading factor among deaths among that age group. People lose loved ones every hour of the day due to alcohol abuse. The consumption of alcohol can destroy the liver which can lead to epilepsy, poisonings, and violence as well as road traffic accidents. Several types of cancer are all caused by drinking alcohol, including bowel, breast, larynx and liver are all caused by drinking alcohol. Alcohol also has a large effect on the premature birth of babies.

According to a study by Panacea Healthcare located in England,  there are 15,000-20,000 premature births in England and Wales that occur every year due to misuse of alcohol.  Alcohol can not only destroy the body of the one abusing alcohol, but also the body of someone who has not been born yet.

Alcohol In Relation to Other Drugs

In society today, illicit drugs are strongly opposed. Cocaine, meth, heroine, marijuana, ecstasy and many other harmful drugs are highlighted in the news. Alcohol has less resistance from the public, even though is one of the major leading causes of death. Alcohol is legal although it causes more deaths than many of the other illicit drugs.

The History of Alcohol

Alcohol has been around as early as 7000 B.C. developed in China, but has also been believed to have existed as early as the Neolithic Era (10,000 B.C). Alcohol has always been used for many things ranging from religion to ceremonial purposes, honoring dead kings of the past, and most of all, celebrations. One notable thing that alcohol is good for would be the field of medicine. Alcohol has been used throughout history and to the current time to clean and treat certain type’s wounds. In Egyptian culture being drunk was not unacceptable, but was it warned in taverns which were houses used for prostitution. Alcohol is now a major part of all society around the world.  At every major celebration or function around the world, beer vendors can be found serving the public.  In the United States today, there are around 18 million adults who are considered to have problem with alcoholism.

How Alcohol Abuse Affects Our Actions

Alcohol suppresses the central nervous system. Alcohol is not a stimulant, it is a depressant. Alcohol definitely appears to “stimulate” others by exposing their hidden inhibitions allowing them to have animated speech more comfortably. The persons actions are misleading since alcohol is affecting a portion of their brain that controls judgment, thus self-control is then depressed. Alcohol slows down brain activity to the degree of how much is consumed. The more alcohol is consumed, the more it damages the central nervous system which can lead to irreversible damage. Alcohol can cause impaired vision can become impaired, slowed reaction time, hazy thinking, dulled hearing, weakened muscles, and an hazed memory.

Alcohol also affects the central nervous system. Tastes and smells will become dulled, and the ability to tolerate pain will increase. The drinker’s dependency on alcohol shows the changes that occur in the brain. Some other effects of alcohol include:  amplification of light and sound. A person abusing alcohol may also have an unstable emotional system, with mood swings occurring where a person can quickly going from angry to very sad. Memories of situations occurring while impaired may not be remembered and their memories can become confused.

Alcohol is not processed or broken down when consumed. It bypasses the digestion process and goes directly into the blood stream. The more pure alcohol is, the faster it is absorbed. Alcohol can damage the lining of a person’s stomach, and cause it to produce a mucous that slows absorption rates. The temperature of alcohol also affects absorption rates as well. The colder alcohol is, the slower it is absorbed and vice versa.

People whom consume alcohol may appear to be sick quite often. Alcohol can affect the blood in such a way where the red and white blood cell count is reduced- known as anemia. That is the sedation of bone marrow, which can lower a person resistance to infection and bring down their ability to fight off disease and infection.

Alcohol Abuse Solutions

Alcohol abuse is difficult to treat, but not impossible. With the right type of help, such as that from Narconon’s addiction treatment program it can be fully overcome. Narconon has been handling alcohol addiction for over 64 years with a success rate that is much higher, at 70%, than the national average for this type of rehabilitation.

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