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Alcohol Recovery

Alcohol Recovery

Many people in the world like to have a glass of wine at night before bed or a beer occasionally on a Saturday night while having dinner with some friends, but what actually qualifies a person as an alcoholic?

When do really know that that a person is struggling with an alcohol addiction? And, how do you know which facility is the right one and will provide the individual with real alcohol recovery?

Addiction To Alcohol

Sometimes it is hard to tell if you have a friend or family member that is addicted to alcohol. You might always see them with a drink but that could just be coincidence, right? A lot of people are what I like to call closet drinkers and no one really knows until they got drinking and driving or get in to a drunken fight for no apparent reason. Some keys signs to know if a friend or loved one is addicted to alcohol are:

·         You see them drinking often.

·        They can’t limit themselves to just one drink.

·         When they aren’t drinking they are very angry and experience depression and anxiety.

·         The individual continues to drink more and more to get the same effect because they have built up a tolerance to alcohol.

·         They start showing up late to important events(work, school, holidays) or missing them all together.

·         The person has been in trouble legally because of their drinking. This could include being pulled over for drunk driving or other charges related to alcohol abuse like public intoxication.

These are only some of the signs that someone you love may be addicted to alcohol.

Things You Can Do to Help Someone

There are many different things that a person can do to help someone who is addicted. Some think the help is only for the addict, but sometimes the person dealing with the addicted person needs the help just as bad to understand what is really going on. Some things you can do to help someone who is addicted are

·         Educate yourself on what alcohol addiction really is.

·         Get help for yourself (like a support group).

·         Set rules and boundaries with the addict and make them known so you are not enabling.

·         Confront the addict about the situation at hand and try to get them some type of rehabilitation.

Different Alcohol Related Statistics

No one wants to become an alcoholic but as shown by these statistics below there are many who fall into the trap of this addiction.

·         In the US, an estimated 14 million residents battle alcohol abuse.

·         In a survey that over 450 alcohol abusers took, a large amount did not grow up with a father in their household.

·         In the US alone there is an estimated 43% of all adults have or has had someone related to them that was addicted to alcohol.

·         Unemployed adults between the ages of 26 to 34 has the highest percentage of heavy drinkers.

·         One average, students spend about $5.5 billion every year on alcohol. This is more then they spend on any other beverage or their books combined.


Alcoholism has become the most prominent addiction, in today’s society, as a result of alcohol being so socially acceptable and so readily available.  At almost every street corner, you can find some sort of alcoholic beverage.  Whether it is a cold beer or a mixed drink, alcohol can be found almost anywhere.  With alcohol being so easily accessible, it is no wonder that alcoholism has become such an epidemic throughout the world.  When a person begins to abuse alcohol, they should immediately seek help.

Treatment for alcoholism is available.  One must only pick up the phone to find a center that can help them. The road to alcohol recovery has many steps, but the ending result can be a saved life. The first step to alcohol recovery is for the alcoholic to admit they have a drinking problem.  An alcoholic must take a look at their life and see all the grief and heart ache caused by drinking.  When one sees how their life has fallen apart as a result of their alcohol consumption, they can then admit to themselves that they have a drinking problem.  An alcoholic will attempt to make excuses for their drinking, but they must overcome these excuses by taking a look at how the benefits of sobriety greatly outweigh the benefits of drinking.  Once an alcoholic has admitted they have a drinking problem, only then can they work towards recovery.

Alcohol recovery can be a difficult and painful process, requiring patience and time.  A new life, free of alcohol is well worth any pains experienced through recovery.  If you or someone you know is battling with alcoholism, finding proper treatment for this illness maybe the difference between life and death.

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