Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation and Treatment Center

Alcohol Use

Alcohol use is very prevalent in today’s society. It is served almost every where and is a part of almost every function, whether it is a college graduation ceremony, a wedding or a business function. Alcohol is so available that it is no wonder that we have so many people addicted to it. Making it illegal, however, is not the answer. During prohibition alcohol consumption went up. Imagine after a long hard work week, winding down with some cold drinks at the bar with your buddies. Or maybe relaxing on the beach, with one of those little umbrellas in your drink. Beautiful women everywhere. The waves crashing against the sand. The sun going down over the horizon. Then all of a sudden beach patrol tackles you for yelling obscenities and flashing people. Next thing you know you’re handcuffed to a bench in a grimy Mexican jail cell. It was supposed to be just a weekend trip to Cabo with your best buds, but now you’re sharing a cell with some guys who took all your clothes and want to make you their girlfriend.

This may sound shocking, but even more shocking is the fact that this type of occurrence is becoming more and more commonplace. Young people are consuming alcohol in larger amounts more frequently with no regard for what could happen. It seems that young people are becoming more inclined to do what feels good at the moment and not worry about the consequences. What starts out as a fun time can end up in tragedy. An instant of bad decision making can cause permanent damage. This reckless disregard is being seen more in campuses and Spring Break hot spots every year.

Whatever is being done to curb drinking among young people is not enough. This is a major problem facing our country, and these are the people who are soon to be running America. In a few years they will be the majority of the voters and decision makers for our society. How many of them are going to become addicted to alcohol or some other drug they started doing just to have a good time? It really doesn’t seem to be at the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to concerns about our country, and this is a grave mistake.

What resource do we have that is more important than our young adults? Now we have adult ADD, anxiety issues and depression being diagnosed freely. All of these “conditions” call for powerful narcotics that the person will take every day at least once a day. Our country was not built by people who were drugged and medicated all the time. No wonder we have such an issue with alcohol use.