Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation and Treatment Center

Drinking Problem

Many people enjoy having a drink from time to time. Most of them are able to keep themselves under control and drink without it having any real negative affect on their lives. It is very common for adults to enjoy a glass or two of wine with their dinner. Many business men will have a stiff drink to unwind after a hard work day. Sports fans have tailgate parties where beer and snacks are in large supply. So what makes the difference between someone drinking on occasions like these and someone with a drinking problem? All of these occasions are times that should be enjoyed with or without the presence of alcohol. People who have a drinking problem feel like they will not be able to enjoy themselves unless they are drinking, especially at social occasions. Then once they have the alcohol chances are they will overdo it by drinking way too much. They may be the only one in the group who is drinking like this, or they may be with people who are all drinking themselves into obliteration. Usually it is one of these two circumstances. People who drink too much will run with other people who are accepting and partaking in binge drinking. On the other hand they can be the odd one out who just can’t seem to control themselves, but his friends still want to include him and they don’t want to tell him not to drink when they are drinking.

When people start to feel like they do not want to face certain situations sober, they will be at the beginning stages of a struggle with alcohol. They will find themselves wanting to get drunk before more and more occasions. Things that they have done many times before while sober will start to become harder for them to face. They will tell themselves that if they would have been drunk it would have been easier on them, and so now they become intoxicated more and more. They may have family get togethers that they are not looking foreword to or an aunt they don’t want to see that’s coming over. They may be going to an uncomfortable business meeting or an awkward social situation. It can get to the point where any time they are going to be around people they will feel that they have to be drunk in order to deal with them. It can even go so far as drinking by themselves.

When a person gets to this point they will continue to get worse and worse. Inevitably they will hurt themselves or someone else, or land themselves in jail or the hospital. People who have a drinking problem will need to get help or struggle with quitting on their own.