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How to Stop Drinking Ways to Quit Drinking

Many people who have an addiction to alcohol ask, how do I stop drinking, they want to quit drinking but they do not know how. They have tried numerous times ways to quit drinking with little success but still have the desire to stop and help quit drinking. Their addiction to alcohol has or at least is in the process of ruining their life.

Not only is it ruining their life but also those they love and care for and feel the same for them. Not being able to quit drinking more than likely has affected their home life, their work and relationships with their friends negatively.
Odds are they have tried multiple times but the cravings for alcohol make it impossible to quit drinking.

Cravings if not handled are one of the top reasons people are unable to stop. They have every intention after another night or maybe even day of drinking to not touch alcohol ever again. They promise themselves, God and their family that they are done drinking and they mean it this time. The sad fact is they do mean it and have every intention of not touching another drop of alcohol ever.
The next day comes and they feel crummy. They are starting to withdraw (the other big reason people find it hard to quit drinking on their own) due to the fact the alcohol levels in their body has dropped and their body starts telling them that it needs alcohol and if not given it they are going to become frightfully ill. So what does the person do? They take a drink to calm their nerves and since they already broke their promise why not have another drink? The downward spiral of alcohol addiction continues.
The fear of withdrawing from alcohol is the other big reason a person cannot quit drinking, most don’t know how to quit drinking or how hard it will be when learning how to stop drinking. To stop drinking means there is a big possibility they are going to go through physical withdrawal from the alcohol. Withdrawing from alcohol and the symptoms associated with it are dependent on how long they have been drinking and the amount they have been drinking. If they are concerned about withdrawing they are probably drinking daily to prevent it from occurring.
The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are miserable and some people might even need a medical detox with a medical staff there to help them through it. The symptoms of withdrawing from alcohol may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, insomnia, irritability, cold sweats and chills, increased anxiety and possible convulsions/seizures.
Is it any wonder a person finds it hard to quit drinking on their own? The biggest factor in a person to quit drinking is their realizing they have a problem and being willing to do something about it. Once they have reached that point there are programs out there that can help a person safely withdraw from alcohol and reclaim their life from the devastation alcohol addiction has brought into their life.


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