Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation and Treatment Center

Signs of an Alcoholic

Alcoholism use has ruined many lives and families.  Although alcohol is legal and sold all around the world, it can be very addictive, and as a result, alcohol abuse has become a considerable problem throughout society.  Many people are able to go out and drink socially, but for some alcohol can become a major dependence in their life. An alcoholic is defined as a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually.  In order to help someone battling alcoholism, you must first be able to spot the signs of an alcoholic. When a person cannot normally function in their daily routine without consuming alcohol, they are considered an alcoholic. Alcohol abuse is the first step towards becoming an alcoholic.  People will start drinking on a day to day basis, building up their tolerance towards alcohol.  Irresponsible behavior, such as drinking and driving, will be exhibited when a person begins to abuse alcohol.  It may be as simple as the person missing work or can be as extreme as a person getting arrested for public intoxication.

When a person continually abuses alcohol, they can develop a dependency towards it.  They would then be characterized as an alcoholic.   Early signs of alcoholism include frequent intoxication, drinking to the point of blacking out, and change in behavior while drinking.  Alcoholics tend to neglect other important activities that do not involve the use of alcohol.  They stop going to social activities with friends unless it involves getting drunk.  They stop playing sports or taking part in other recreational activities that they used to enjoy.  They will substitute activities that definitely involve alcohol such as going to a bar or just sitting alone at home, drinking alcoholic beverages.  An alcoholic will tend to increase their use of alcohol over time. They may think or say that they have control over this addiction, but it will soon be evident that the person cannot stop drinking on their own.  After a period of heavy drinking, a person will exhibit withdraw symptoms.  These withdraw symptoms will frequently be seen in an alcoholic.  Withdraw symptoms will include:  nausea, sweating, shakiness, nervousness and anxiety.  An alcoholic will continue to drink even as their world falls down around them.  They lose their job as a result of drinking but yet they still go out and have a beer.  Their girlfriend leaves them because of their constant alcohol abuse, so they go to the bar to drink the sorrows away.   

The signs of an alcoholic are usually very evident.  Wherever alcohol is served, an alcoholic can usually be found. Spotting the signs of alcoholism is the first step in getting help, whether it is for yourself or a loved one.  Alcohol is one of the largest and fastest growing addictions in the world, and many people could use a helping hand with this addiction