Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation and Treatment Center

Stop Drinking Alcohol

The most important factor for a person to stop drinking alcohol is that they need to “want” to stop drinking alcohol. Until they have reached this point it is fruitless to push them to stop drinking. Once a person has come to the decision they do want to stop drinking alcohol there are some steps that can be taken to help the process.

The first step might be to see your physician and let them know what you have been going through and what suggestions they have for you to beat your addiction to alcohol. The doctor most likely will do a physical to see how much damage the drinking has caused your body. After getting these results he might suggest a medical detox.

A medical detox would be suggested for those who want to stop drinking alcohol due to the fact it can be life threatening to stop cold turkey without medical supervision. The main factors for the medical supervision are blood pressure and seizures. A medical detox would have the medical staff available in case of a spike or drop in blood pressure and medicine at hand if needed for a seizure. Some who want to stop drinking alcohol need medical detox while others will not. Needing medical detox is mostly dependent on how long and the quantities of alcohol a person has been drinking.

If a medical detox is not needed a person might try setting a date they are going to stop drinking alcohol.  They need to give themselves a time frame to cut back drinking and then completely stop. Some are capable of stopping this way on their own while others might need more support.

If unable to stop drinking on their own, research support groups that are available. Find a group that fits in with your schedule and attend. All the people there have the common goal to stop drinking alcohol. A person would be able to get advice for situations they run into that make them want to drink along with the understanding that they are not alone.

If a support group is not enough for a person to stop drinking alcohol it will be time to research alcohol rehab facilities. There are many types with different programs offered. Odds are an inpatient rehab would be the action to take for successful long term sobriety. The reason for this is that when a person is “inpatient”, they will not be able to leave the premises to get a drink if the cravings for alcohol become overwhelming.

The other advantage for inpatient rehab is the qualified staff who have experience with people who want to stop drinking alcohol get through the physical and mental aspects of alcohol addiction. Someone will be there 24 hours a day to answer questions or just be there to help a person get through a rough patch. To stop drinking alcohol is different for everyone, but it can be done successfully.