A Thanksgiving to Forget

Just over five years ago a young man, whose family had high hopes for him and confidence in his abilities, returned from rehab in an attempt to clean up his act. 

Stan, as we'll call him, was just about to turn 21 and entered the treatment facility to escape charges of drunk driving.  The problem was that he was doing it for reasons other than for himself.

It didn't take long at all for his addiction to kick back in, in fact the flight attendant on the way home offered him a beer despite telling her that he had no money, was underage and just got out of rehab.  Then, back at home his "friends" threw him a welcome back party where he proceeded to get drunk.

"I just thought I was doing what college-aged guys were supposed to do," recalls Stan of his rocky past, "I didn't realize at the time how destructive my behavior was to myself and others."

The next month or so Stan struggled with a meager attempt to stay clean, justifying the times he went out drinking and continuing the lie to himself that he didn't have a problem.

When Thanksgiving arrived, Stan was working his first week at yet another job.  Two nights before, he had taken ecstasy for the first time and was still reeling from the effects of the highly dangerous drug.  He sat quietly at the table full of guilt as he made up one lie after the other to his family about how he was doing.

"I felt horrible," says Stan, "I couldn't even look my parents in the eye and told them that I thought somebody slipped something in my drink the other night.  After Thanksgiving, I drifted even further away from my family and slipped into full-blown drug and alcohol use again."

This type of behavior and the consequences are typical around the Holiday Season, but it doesn't have to be.  There are effective solutions available to ensure that loved ones are safe during the Holidays, getting the help they need.

One place that offers tremendous success for full recovery is called Narconon Arrowhead, and its effectiveness is due to the application of L. Ron Hubbard's drug rehabilitation methodology.  This non-traditional approach continues to gain popularity, largely due to the fact that it gets results much higher than the typical treatment program. 

Stan eventually reached for his parents to help him, this time for the right reasons.  He ended up at Narconon in Oklahoma after nearly losing his life to drugs.  The program, which averages nearly three months in length, gave him the tools he desperately needed to regain control.

"I remember feeling so safe and sure of myself," exclaims Stan, "I knew that I had more than hope, I had a new life and a new purpose to help others do the same." 

Stan is now happily married, has a wonderful relationship with his family again and is still living drug-free and successful.  "It's been over four years now and my life continues to get better.  I can't thank Narconon enough."

To find out more information about Narconon Arrowhead or to get help for a loved one in need this Holiday Season, call 1-800-468-6933.