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As part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Arlington lies on one of the primary illicit drug supply channels in the country. Large quantities of drugs are moved from the US-Mexico border into the Dallas area due to the wealth of transportation, shipping and finance resources in the Metroplex. International banks, private airports, commercial airports, bus and train lines, package shipping companies and a web of highways and interstates make this zone appealing to drug trafficking cartels seeking to supply the rest of the US with drugs.

According to drug rehab Arlington TX sources, another factor that helps is that 29 percent of the Metroplex population is Hispanic, enabling traffickers from the south to blend in. Nearly 4 percent is Asian, helping Oriental traffickers, many moving drugs down from Canada, to blend in as well.

Because of the six million people in this area, the Metroplex that includes Arlington is a major destination for illicit drugs, not just a transshipment point. This is bad news for anyone in Arlington who might have a weakness for cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy or other drugs.
But plenty of those drugs move out of the area too. In fact, there’s almost no part of the US that doesn’t receive drugs that were stored in then shipped out of this region: The Southeast including Florida and Georgia, the Great Lakes area including Michigan and Illinois, the Northeast including New York and New Jersey. The interstates out of the Metroplex and the smaller highways, often used to evade major law enforcement attention, are conduits for heavy illicit trade as well as innocent travelers.  

Interstate 30 runs through the northern part of Arlington and I-20 runs through the southern part of the city, meaning that Arlington constitutes the perfect place for illicit operations.

How Does the City and County Respond to this Threat?

The presence of drug trafficking and retail sales in Arlington is not lost on local law enforcement. They recognize that the movement of drugs through Tarrant County has resulted in an increase in homicides, gang activity and gun-related offenses. Until 2009, the sleepy town of Cleburne, Texas with its Victorian homes populating the old downtown district, was a staging point for guns being collected for transport across the Mexican border. Cleburne is only 43 miles southwest of Arlington.

An application to the federal government from the Arlington Police Department, asking for funds specifically to address this problem, stated: “Gangs in Arlington have transformed themselves from small town gangs … into drug traffickers, motivated by the financial gain at the expense of residents and visitors in the area.  Arlington Police Department officials estimate that 37 percent of robberies are committed by gang members.”

All forms of cocaine and methamphetamine are most likely to be associated with crime in the area, crack cocaine more with violent crime and meth with property crime.

Treatment Helps Stem the Demand for Illicit Drugs

Arlington is presented with a formidable problem that may seem hard to fight. One of the best ways to combat this problem is the rehabilitation of one addict at a time at a qualified Arlington TX rehab center. When families in the Arlington area lose a loved one to this problem, they can bring that person back into the family by helping him or her recover from drug abuse at a proven rehab center Arlington TX or elsewhere. Just a few hours away by car or a short hop by plane is Narconon Arrowhead, one of the premier drug rehabilitation centers in the country, located in Canadian, Oklahoma.

When a family wants to achieve a drug-free status for their loved one, and the rehab centers Arlington TX provides are not adequate, Narconon Arrowhead is the perfect solution. No substitute drugs are ever used in treatment, unlike many drug and alcohol rehab Arlington TX programs. Instead, the entire focus of this drug and alcohol recovery program is learning how to enjoy and maintain a drug-free life.

This goal in Arlington TX drug rehab centers is accomplished by addressing the major stumbling blocks to sobriety. These are guilt, cravings and depression. The Narconon program has components that target each of these obstacles, which are often overlooked by rehab Arlington TX providers. With an effective approach to alleviating guilt, cravings and depression and a life skills component that teaches the ability to make drug-free decisions, this is the program that enables seven out of ten graduates to stay sober after they go home, which is a much higher success rate than what is achieved by most Arlington TX rehab centers.

Too many Arlington TX drug rehabs centers and Arlington TX alcohol rehab centers have “revolving doors,” meaning that people quickly return to Arlington TX alcohol rehab or drug rehab after completing the program. This is particularly true of short-term Arlington TX rehab programs. When an addicted person enters an Arlington TX drug rehab facility that mainly offers a substitute drugs such as methadone, Suboxone or buprenorphine, the addicted person does not have the chance to live a completely drug-free life. A life on a substitute drug may seem fine to a drug rehab Arlington TX professional who doesn’t think Arlington TX substance abuse and addiction can ever be overcome, but Narconon staff know different. Forty-five years of providing real recovery from all kinds of addiction have proven that the Narconon drug recovery program works.
For help with the addiction situation you are dealing with and information on Arlington TX rehab facilities, call the intake counselors at Narconon Arrowhead today. Call 800-468-6933 today.


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