Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers and Facilities in Austin

Austin, the state capitol of Texas, lies in Travis County, away from the US-Mexican border and some of the heaviest channels of drug trafficking through the state. Still, as Interstate 35 passes right through the urban area, connecting Nuevo Laredo on the other side of the border with Dallas, the city will be amply supplied with all the major drugs of abuse: marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. And of course, any city with bars or liquor stores will support alcoholism.

Still, the drug rehab Austin area service industry has its work cut out for it, if it is to overcome the problems of Austin substance abuse and addiction.
The Travis County medical examiner published statistics on the drug use he is seeing in fatalities. Surprisingly, marijuana is the top drug found in the deceased he examines. This is due to the current trend of poly-drug use. Mix marijuana with alcohol or cocaine or prescription drugs – there is a whole system of managing the result of one drug by mixing it with another or several others. In some parts of Texas, a combination of a muscle relaxant, benzodiazepine (like Xanax) and an opioid (like hydrocodone) are a popular mix but can be deadly when they send the user into a coma. It’s referred to as the “Houston Cocktail.”
After marijuana, the drugs that follow next in frequency are cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.
Prescription drugs also crop up frequently in Travis County autopsies. By order of frequency, they are: Hydrocone (Vicodin), Xanax, Valium, Soma (the muscle relaxant often found in the Houston Cocktail), methadone, fentanyl (an opiate much stronger than heroin), Darvon and oxycodone (OxyContin).

As if South American and Mexican Drugs Were Not Bad Enough

While the major flow of drugs into the area is generally south to north, there are other sources of Austin’s drugs than those that come across the Mexican border. Enterprising individuals cook methamphetamine or set up indoor grows of marijuana. Across the US, it is mostly Asia drug trafficking organizations that get involved in these indoor grows.
Locally-produced methamphetamine in the Austin area is said to be dirty, contaminated and of poor quality. In some parts of the state, detection of methamphetamine labs has tripled as a result of a new method of manufacturing the drug that requires less of the essential precursor chemical, pseudophedrine.  This is a component in many cold medications. While the sale of pseudoephedrine-containing cold medications is now restricted, a meth cook can hire a small army of addicts who go from drugstore to drugstore, picking up one or two packages at each store and then delivering them to the cook.
Afghan heroin is also being found in the Austin area, accompanied by stories of American soldiers who brought the drug back with them after their tour of duty.

Austin Rehab Treatment Options are Not Adequate for the Demand

Travis County, with its one million residents, saw 2,439 adults and 264 youth enter alcohol rehab Austin or drug addiction treatment Austin rehab facilities in 2009. The county has only 19 Austin drug rehabs centers and Austin alcohol rehab centers to serve its million people, and many of them are small outpatient treatment centers. Of all the Austin rehab treatment admissions in Texas, alcohol was the top drug sending people to an Austin rehab center, but only by a small margin. Marijuana sent almost as many people to Austin rehab centers (17,472 vs. 19,770 for alcohol), but the average age was 15 years younger (23 vs. 38 years of age for alcohol).
While only 19 people were admitted to Austin drug rehab treatment for addiction to Rohypnol, a hypnotic drug used in dance clubs, it is remarkable that the average age of the addicts admitted was 16.2 years.
The 2007 estimate for the number of Texans needing help with Austin alcohol rehab or Austin drug rehab was 1.6 million people. Most of these people did not seek help from the rehab centers Austin has available despite meeting the criteria for addiction, because they did not think they had a problem.
But often, families of someone who is addicted know differently. They seek rehab Austin addiction treatment to save the life of someone they love. For those in the Austin area seeking rehab center Austin addiction help, Narconon Arrowhead in Canadian, Oklahoma is your answer.
Just a short flight away from Austin is one of the most innovative drug rehab centers with one of the best success rates in the United States. No drugs are ever administered as part of the treatment program. The entire emphasis is helping the addict reduce cravings, recover self respect and learn the life skills that will enable him or her to stay drug-free after going home.
Narconon centers around the world have been creating drug-free lives for forty-five years. The staff at Narconon Arrowhead are ready to help you understand the addiction problem you are dealing with and can help you with an interventionist, if this is needed. Many addicts refuse to grasp that they need help; unfortunately, this is part of the phenomenon of addiction.
Contact the intake counselors at Narconon Arrowhead today for a compassionate and confidential interview. Call 1-800-469-6933 now and find out how soon you can have your complete drug rehab Austin solution in place.


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