Alcohol and Drug Rehab Corpus Christi Centers and Facilities

Where Corpus Christi sits, somewhat on the coattails of Houston, the city is in an unfortunate position of inheriting the problems of drug trafficking running from Brownsville through Houston. Once you cross over from Mexico at Reynoso or Nuevo Laredo, it’s just a short hop to Corpus Christi.

Since the US-Mexico border checkpoints are where vast amounts of the drugs coming into the country make their crossing, Corpus Christi winds up with plenty of illicit substances for anyone with a weakness, increasing the demand for effective drug rehab Corpus Christi services. Take marijuana, for example. In a time period of just a few weeks, customs agents operating just south of Corpus Christi at inspection checkpoints made these seizures:

August 15: Five tons of marijuana were found in a tractor-trailer, wrapped and mounted on pallets, hidden by a load of broccoli
September 6: 5,000 pounds of marijuana found hidden in a truckload of corn feed for animals.
September 20: 4,500 pounds of marijuana found in a tractor-trailer.
September 23: 260 pounds of marijuana in backpacks found abandoned in the barren terrain near Hebbronville, a short distance south of Corpus Christi.

It should be no surprise that the top drug sending young people to Corpus Christi rehab centers is marijuana. Fully 89% of those under 18 who seek rehab Corpus Christi treatment are marijuana users. Alcohol sends another 4% to Corpus Christi alcohol rehab centers, and prescription pain medication sends about 1% to Corpus Christ drug rehab centers.

The Houston region has a higher-than-usual proportion of young people needing addiction treatment as well. Fourteen percent of those seeking treatment in the greater Houston area or in a rehab center Corpus Christi offers are under 18. This compares with San Francisco at 7%, New York City at 2% and Las Vegas at 11%.

Methamphetamine Also Found in Quantity in the Area

Another drug passing through and being retailed in the Corpus Christi area is the caustic, highly addictive and physically damaging drug methamphetamine. Once a week or so, an individual meth dealer or member of a gang that deals meth is sentenced in Corpus Christi courts. In June 2011, a couple was arrested in Kingsville, a small town just south of Corpus Christi, for meth manufacture. The charges were aggravated by the fact that they had an infant living in a room where meth chemicals and manufacturing equipment were also being stored.

As if these drugs were not bad enough, prescription pain pills and crack cocaine also send people in this region to the rehab centers Corpus Christi provides for drug rehabilitation treatment.

Too few Corpus Christi Drug Rehab Centers to Serve the Population

In the whole of Nueces County, population 340,000, there are only seven Corpus Christi rehab facilities to provide service. Most of these are outpatient Corpus Christi drug rehab programs, and some focus on providing what is referred to as “methadone maintenance” or they may offer buprenorphine, another opiate substitute. These forms of Corpus Christi rehab treatment do not enable an addicted person to phase out of drug abuse and start living a drug free life. Some people claim that these forms of treatment will eventually result in a person being free from addiction to heroin or prescription opiates, but many people on these Corpus Christi substance abuse treatment programs stay on them for years.

Lasting sobriety comes from having an approach to drug treatment that deals with the cravings, guilt and depression that result from addiction, and that addresses the factors that caused the addiction in the first place, which are often overlooked by drug and alcohol rehab Corpus Christi providers. Without the life skills to make drug-free decisions, without a way to recover one’s self-respect and knowing how to correct the damage done, it is hard to let oneself stay sober. The regrets of the past tend to drag one back into drug use to cover up the depression.

The Narconon Arrowhead drug recovery program addresses these factors in their long-term, residential program. Using healthy methods like nutritional supplements, minerals and time spent in a low-heat sauna, a person in rehab can feel a lift of spirits. The sauna time can flush out the toxic residues of old drugs that have been found to be involved in the triggering of cravings, even years after drug use ended.
Communications skills training and practice, counseling, a common sense moral code and the ability to turn a negative situation around are all part of the Narconon approach to drug recovery.

It’s a long term program that each person progresses through at their own rate. An arbitrary time limit, which is often set by Corpus Christi alcohol rehab and drug rehab plans, might put a person back on the street before he or she is ready. At Narconon, when you are done, you know it and you know how to stay sober. That’s why seven out of ten Narconon graduates successfully stay sober after they go home, which is a better success rate than any Corpus Christi rehab center can promise.
If you are seeking help for yourself or for a loved one who is trapped in addiction to alcohol, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine or other drugs, don’t wait. Contact Narconon Arrowhead today at 800-468-6933. Without obligation, you can have a confidential and compassionate interview that will answer many of your questions about the best way to eliminate addiction for good and find proven, reliable drug rehab Corpus Christi or elsewhere.


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