Drug Rehab Tulsa

Drug Rehab Tulsa

Tulsa sits in the center of American – the heartland. Of all the regions in the United States, it would seem that the heartland would be the most successful in resisting the attempts of drug trafficking organizations to insinuate themselves into the local culture. But unfortunately, Tulsa has been no more successful than hundreds of other American cities in repulsing drug dealers and traffickers. As a result, thousands of Tulsans and citizens from all over Oklahoma suffer from illicit drug abuse and addiction. Add to this the number that suffer from licit drugs – alcohol and prescription drugs – and you have a situation that cries out for a solution.

Methamphetamine Lab Seizures Dropped As Precursor Chemicals Became Hard to Get – Then Rebounded

Several years ago, Oklahoma joined dozens of other states in making it harder to acquire pseudoephedrine, an ingredient in many cold medicines and a precursor chemical to methamphetamine production. In 2004, law enforcement officers began finding fewer meth labs. The numbers kept dropping until they hit 148 labs seized in 2007. Unfortunately, someone found a new way to manufacture batches of meth from smaller quantities of cold medication – a method that also required less equipment but was no less toxic or dangerous. Meth labs seized in Oklahoma jumped back up to 818 in 2010, a 453 percent increase.

The only final and effective solution to this problem of local methamphetamine production is to eliminate the desire of Tulsans and Oklahomans to take any type of drug, and to help those who are addicted achieve a lasting recovery.

Reference: Bureau Tasked With Meth Lab Clean Up Costs.doc

Tulsa is Not the Only City in Oklahoma That Suffers from High Drug Trafficking and Related Crime Rates

Law enforcement alone will never win the battle to keep Oklahomans clean and sober, but it helps to show criminals that there are serious consequences for dealing drugs. In February 2011, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics spread out to locations in and around Oklahoma City to arrest 26 individuals at three locations. Investigations had shown that these individuals had been supplying drug dealers in the area with a variety of illicit drugs, including cocaine, Ecstasy tablets and marijuana.

Reference: - Shuts Down Metro Drug Distribution Network.doc

All of Oklahoma benefited from the dismantling of a major Mexican methamphetamine trafficking operation that moved Mexican “ice” methamphetamine routinely across the Arizona-Mexico border and into the heartland. The investigation found that the recently-established Oklahoma operation was intended to be a permanent base from which to distribute Mexican meth throughout the area. Ten pounds of meth per week were being shipped into America’s heartland by this ring. Members of the ring were arrested in Tulsa as well as Oklahoma City, Midwest City and Norman.

Reference: - PRESS RELEASE  June 29 2010 new.doc

Prescription Drug Addiction Causes Tulsans to Succumb to Addiction or Even Death

A report from Oklahoma’s Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control reported on the arrest of a single individual who had managed to acquire 4,533 pain pills from 195 different healthcare professionals across the state. Oklahoma’s prescription monitoring program detected Keith Simmons’ travels back and forth across the state to see doctors and fill his prescriptions. Mr. Simmons joins an estimated 87,000 other Oklahomans who are abusing prescription drugs. In 2008, there were 612 drug-related deaths in the state more than three-quarters of which involved prescription drugs. Tulsa has a demand for treatment of prescription drug addiction that is twice that of the rest of the country.

Press release from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control, December 17, 2009, “State’s Top ‘Doctor Shopper’ Charged”



Tulsa Citizens Must Have Access to Effective Drug Rehab Methods

One report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reported that 319 people addicted to opiates in the Tulsa area are being maintained on what is referred to as “Opioid Treatment Programs” which means they receive either methadone or buprenorphine to prevent opioid withdrawal symptoms from kicking in. Unfortunately, because these drugs are themselves opioids and addictive, these 319 people do not have the chance to learn how to live drug-free lives. Drug rehab Tulsa must offer a way to achieve a drug-free life and to obtain the life skills to maintain that drug-free life on into the future. 


Alcohol Rehab: Tulsa Also Needs Help for Those Who Have Drinking Problems

Alcohol rehab Tulsa is proven to be needed by high numbers of people seeking alcohol treatment in and around Tulsa. Younger people seeking treatment most often need help with marijuana but as ages go up, more and more people need alcohol rehab. Of those 45 and older who enter any drug treatment facility, nearly 60 percent are having problems with alcohol. Overall, 44 percent of those seeking addiction treatment in Tulsa need help with alcoholism.

Narconon Offers Effective Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Over the years, hundreds of Tulsans and Oklahomans have been fortunate to find addiction help at Narconon Arrowhead in Canadian, Oklahoma. For 45 years, the Narconon network of drug rehabilitation centers have been saving lives at locations around the world. In Oklahoma, the Narconon center has been offering its help since 1964. The Narconon Oklahoma drug and alcohol rehabilitation program offers a long-term residential program for any type of substance abuse problem.

Proceeding at their own paces, students on the Narconon program complete thorough detoxification steps and then participate in counseling and studies that enable them to regain the personal integrity and values that are so critical to remaining drug-free. After graduation from the Narconon drug recovery program, seven out of ten graduates stay clean and sober. To find help for addiction in Tulsa or Oklahoma, call 1-800-468-6933 today.


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