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The state of Oklahoma has had its share of drug and alcohol problems. The Office of the National Drug Control Policy reports that 8% of Oklahoma residents had used drugs during a one month period. In addition, the state has had an ever increasing number of methamphetamine seizures and prescription drug problems.

Oklahoma City Drug Problems

The Office of the National Drug Control Policy reports that marijuana is the most commonly abused drug seeing treatment admissions in the state. In addition, stimulants, opiates and cocaine follow.

Oklahoma Prescription Problem

Prescription drug abuse has been called an epidemic across the country and has especially caused problems throughout the state of Oklahoma. Several years ago, both Tulsa and Oklahoma City were considered meth capitols. Today prescriptions have taken over effecting large numbers of the population of the state. Prescription drug monitoring programs as well as “Take Back Programs” have been implemented across the state to try to curb the problem.

 Treatment in Oklahoma City

With so many addicted in the state you have to wonder why there are some that go without treatment as there are many advantages to an Oklahoma rehab center in Oklahoma City including:

  • A rehab center that will help those who have tried to kick their habits but could not and those who have prolonged or severe addictions that they need medical help to break. They offer support and the best option is finding one that provides inpatient treatment for addiction such as Narconon.
  • You can either attend one of these institutions as an outpatient, resident or inpatient. If you are an outpatient you will visit the center for treatment on a regular basis; however if this approach is not enough, inpatient treatment needs to be looked at.
  • There are also support groups such as alcoholics anonymous and others that a person can join after more comprehensive treatment. There are also some that join support groups at this organization to help them quit drinking and stay clean.


In order to maintain your health and be sure that you do not relapse into old habits you may start off as an inpatient and then go for checkups and counseling as an outpatient. This is when support groups can be very helpful. You will be able to share problems with other people who are going through the same or similar problems as you. In fact you will not feel so isolated when you know others are in the same boat. It often helps to share problems and discuss them.

Beware of short term programs. Sometimes you may be tempted to try a short 30 day long treatment. This will rarely be long enough for you to completely kick the habit. This is because you not only need to detoxify yourself but need to stay clean. This requires a multi step program, including educating yourself and if necessary changing the group you socialize with.

Help Through Narconon

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabi9liation program is one of the most successful programs in the state of Oklahoma. Delivering long-term inpatient treatment for more than 20 years, the program achieves a more than 70% success rate for sobriety from drugs permanently.

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