Alcohol Abuse Rehab

Fighting an addiction to alcohol is not easy on one's own or with help. That is why if you know someone suffering from an addiction to alcohol the successful action to get them long term recovery is an alcohol abuse rehab. The person you want to help might fight getting the help so it is to your benefit to understand what you are dealing with and what has caused their alcohol addiction and the need for an alcohol abuse rehab.

You need to understand the main reasons a person started using alcohol to help the process of getting them to an alcohol abuse rehab. The first thing to understand about addiction is that alcohol is basically a painkiller. Alcohol chemically kills physical or emotional pain and alters the mind’s perception of reality. It makes people numb.

For alcohol to be attractive to a person there must first be some underlying unhappiness, sense of hopelessness, or physical pain. This can be problems such as fitting in with a crowd or a severe emotional pain such as the death of a loved one or even a severe rejection.

The above are the two main reasons which start an individual down the path of alcohol addiction. The individual seeks a way to numb this pain, unhappiness, or hopelessness. They use alcohol which at first works and provides a solution to the pain. This is only temporary however and the pain resurfaces and the individual will drink once again to numb themselves. This starts off a viscous cycle that leads to physical dependence as well.

The best thing family and friends can do to help the person through these reasons are to learn all they can about the way alcohol affects the mind and body and educate oneself about addiction. Next it is very important to establish a strong communication line with the loved one. Be the person they can go to with their problems. Once this communication has been established it will be much easier to get them to really consider alcohol abuse rehab.

Once you get the individual to the alcohol abuse rehab the staff will be able to help the person understand how and why they became addicted to alcohol and give them tools to live life alcohol free. Of course the alcohol abuse rehab will get the person through the physical withdrawal first as comfortable as possible. The withdrawal can last for a few days to a week depending on the years of abuse and the quantity of alcohol the person was drinking daily.

Once the physical aspect is handled the alcohol abuse rehab will then go to the mental aspects of the alcohol addiction. They will teach the individual the skills to handle past problems and problems to come with the ability to not drink and return to the life they choose to live.