Alcohol Rehab Facilities

There are innumerable alcohol rehab facilities across the United States today. When looking for a rehab for someone battling an alcohol addiction there are many decisions to be made to find the right one for the individual who will be going. There are short and long term inpatient rehabs, outpatient rehabs, residential rehabs and other variations. You also have the type of program the individual wants to partake in. There are twelve step programs, alternative programs, drug replacement therapy, "no drugs" program and Christian based programs. Some rehabs combine the different type programs.

An inpatient rehab means the person attending will be living there for a specified period of time. Living in the facility will take away the opportunity to drink due to craving. The time period is usually 30-45 days. Within this time the rehab will get the person "detoxed", withdrawn from the alcohol. Depending on what program was chosen they might or might not use prescription drugs to ease the withdrawal. Once detoxed of the alcohol the rehab will then teach the person how to live life with alcohol. This could be the twelve step program or one that uses cognitive therapy.

An outpatient program is where the person will go and sign up for help with their alcohol addiction. This usually consists of one on one therapy with a counselor. To supplement their program will be group meetings with others also battling an addiction to alcohol. The downside to outpatient is that the individual has the opportunity to drink if they so choose.

Long term treatment inpatient treatment takes anywhere from 3 to 9 months. Some rehabs have "open end" where the individual is there until they are able to apply the program they have learned. The extended period of times gives the person recovering from alcohol addiction the time to become accustomed to living life without alcohol.  This type of rehab also will get the person detoxed before beginning their program. This type program seems more successful due to the structured living and time living with others also battling an alcohol addiction.

Residential rehabs are usually a setting where the person battling the alcohol addiction can bring their family to live with them. Some of the residential rehabs will let the person work and will have random drug testing. The time frame varies and usually lasts up to a year.

The type program you choose is up to the individual. One program might work for one individual while it does not for another. Research and find out which alcohol rehab facilities offer the type program you are looking for. All type of rehabs and programs have one goal in mind: to get the person off of alcohol and able to live a successful life with long term sobriety.