Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Alcohol addiction begins with the person using alcohol to solve a problem. At some point the alcohol itself became the problem and then attempting to stop using alcohol can become a huge problem. This is where an alcohol rehabilitation center has the expertise to give the addicted person the life skills to achieve life-long sobriety.  

Here are some of the symptoms and characteristics of someone with an alcohol addiction: they become more self-confident or daring, their attention span shortens, they may look flushed and their judgment is decreased as well as their motor control skills.  As the individual continues to drink they become sleepy, have trouble understanding or remembering things, they begin to lose their balance easily and their vision becomes blurry.  With continued drinking the individual becomes confused, dizzy and may stagger, they may become highly emotional or aggressive.  The more the individual continues to drink the more severe these effects actual become, and studies have shown that EVEN ONE DRINK IMPAIRS ABILITY. If you see these signs an alcohol rehabilitation center would be the place to call for help and advice.

Along with the above symptoms and characteristics of someone with an alcohol addiction, here are some of the physical aspects. Alcohol consumption and alcohol addiction can cause nutritional deficiency. Nutrition is a process that serves two purposes: to provide energy and to maintain body structure and function. Food supplies energy and provides the building blocks needed to replace worn or damaged cells and the nutritional components needed for body function. People with an alcohol addiction often eat poorly, limiting their supply of essential nutrients and affecting both energy supply and structure maintenance. Furthermore, alcohol interferes with the nutritional process by affecting digestion, storage, utilization, and excretion of nutrients.

Alcohol also has the following effects on the body.  The alcohol irritates the linings of the stomach and intestine which causes nausea and vomiting.  Increases blood flow to the stomach and intestines, increases blood flow to the skin causing a person to begin sweating and become flushed.  The sweating cause's body heat to be lost and the person’s body temperature may actually fall below normal.  Furthermore blood flow to the muscles is reduced which can lead to muscles aches, most notably when a person recovers from the alcohol (the "hangover").  

If someone you know is battling an alcohol addiction, it is time to research an alcohol rehabilitation center to see if it is the one best suited for the person addicted. Some of the options are short-term or long-term treatment, twelve step or alternative programs and those that use drug replacement therapy or those that are drug free. Find the alcohol rehabilitation center that is best and get the person there without delay. The sooner they begin the road to recovery the sooner they will return to the person they were before alcohol addiction entered their life.