Alcohol Rehabs

There are many alcohol rehabs to choose from today. When a person is looking into alcohol rehabs they will need to decide if they want one that offers traditional twelve steps or an alternative program. Some alcohol rehabs provide a combination of both twelve step and alternative. Another decision to be made is if they want to go to one that does drug replacement therapy (i.e., Antabuse or psyche meds) or a “no drug” treatment and if they want inpatient or outpatient treatment.

Before this choice is made a person needs to decide if they are truly ready to stop drinking. Those who choose to attend alcohol rehabs take to the program easier than those who attend to appease someone else. Not that going for someone else means they are predetermined for failure; it just makes the journey more difficult.  

Once the decision is made, sometimes the most difficult part of the journey to sobriety, do not delay to get them to the chosen rehab. If it is put off for one reason or another, which anyone addicted to alcohol, is good at, it might never happen. So “strike while the iron is hot” as they say.

Once there the person will have to go through the physical process of withdrawing from the alcohol. This varies for each person dependant on how long they have been drinking and in what quantities. Therefore the time frame may be a few days to a week. During this process the person can experience nausea, diarrhea, cold sweats and chills, irritability along with depression. Once through the major part of the withdrawal the person will start feeling better and become more clearheaded.

As the person becomes more clearheaded they can see the actual damage alcohol has played in their life and those close to them. This is not easy to look at but the trained staff is there to help them through this and handle it without alcohol. They will be able to see possibly for the first time how devastating their addiction to alcohol has been affecting their home life, work and social life.

Depending on the chosen program, the counselors will start helping the person acquire the skills needed to handle life without turning to alcohol as the solution. This can seem overwhelming to anyone who has become dependent on alcohol to help them through their problems, but they will realize that alcohol never improved the situation, only made it worse.

All alcohol rehabs have the trained counselors to walk the person through their past into present time with the skills or steps needed for a sober life. Once having completed the program they may return to their life the productive, responsible person they were destined to be and begin the journey of a life free of alcohol.