Christian Alcohol Rehab

For a person of faith, is a Christian alcohol rehab the best choice? Besides the usual twelve step or alternative alcohol rehab programs offered, they will also offer a Christ centered approach to recovery.

The twelve step programs are a spiritual based program where you find your Higher Power, whatever that may be. Christian alcohol rehab will base their program off of the Bible. Between the two, anyone battling an addiction to alcohol should find the program that works for them.

Anyone who has struggled with an addiction to alcohol and has survived the devastations of the addiction believes that God has kept them around for a purpose. The first purpose for that individual would be to get themselves sober, which takes the individuals full attention to achieve this.

The first step would be getting through the withdrawal, also known as detoxing, from the alcohol. This is not a pleasant experience but one that the Christian alcohol rehab experts will get you through as easy as is possible. There will be the initial physical withdrawal including possible nausea, diarrhea, insomnia, cold sweats and chills along with irritability and depression. This will decrease over a period of days where the individual will begin to sleep, eat and start feeling like their old self again.

Once this first hurdle is overcome, the next includes looking deep within oneself and finding the courage to confront the aspects of their life that brought them to this point of being addicted to alcohol. The Christian alcohol rehab counselors will work with you on a daily basis and there will be groups of other people also trying to regain their life from the clutches of alcohol addiction so you will not be alone on this journey.

Depending on the type of program you have chosen, the Christian alcohol rehab will teach you the skills needed to obtain long-term sobriety so you never have to worry about losing your job, family, house, car, self-respect, etc.. Learning these skills will take honesty, diligence, and the willingness to be open and honest not only with yourself but those close to you, family and friends and also the counselors at the Christian alcohol rehab who all have your best interests at heart.
The counselors at the Christian alcohol rehab understand the life changing experience you will be going through and will be there to help you regain your physical and mental health, but more importantly will help guide you back to the spiritual being you were before alcohol addiction entered your life.

After completing the Christian alcohol rehab a person feels capable of fulfilling his entire God given gifts that were stripped away while in his addiction. He will emerge from the Christian alcohol rehab feeling reborn again and ready to take on the world.