Alcohol in the Season

For a person overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction this time of year can often be difficult. 

There are too many reminders of past transgressions against friends and family. There is also damage that has been caused to oneself, but probably the most difficult obstacle is the amount of alcohol consumed by others during the Holiday Season.

Being a legal drug, alcohol is so socially acceptable yet unbelievably destructive to our society at the same time.  According to the latest survey on national drug use statistics there are approximately 14 million Americans that have alcohol problems, let alone those addicted to other drugs.  Add on to that the damage caused and lives lost through drunk driving and other accidents and domestic abuse.

A common dilemma for many that are in the recovering process or that have been sober now for years is whether or not to participate in the numerous parties this time of year.  There are office Christmas parties, dinners, and of course New Year's parties, all of which typically have lots of alcohol.

The decision not to drink can be simple if one has completed full rehabilitation, but for those that have only received patch treatments or who don't feel in control of their lives again, going into agreement with the group that it is okay to have a couple drinks can lead to devastating consequences.  For example, someone that was maybe addicted to cocaine or methamphetamine could justify it by saying that "alcohol wasn't really my problem," only to find themselves in an altered state of mind and make more unhealthy decisions such as "one line couldn't hurt," or "I should celebrate my sobriety." 

This may sound absurd to some, but it is a common mistake made by many people every year, which sends them immediately back down into a dwindling spiral of addiction once again. 

Since drug and alcohol addiction affects the lives of every single American in one way or another, it would benefit us all to be aware of what we're doing to ourselves and others at such events.  Encouraging someone to "relax" or "let loose" and have a drink isn't helping them, it's destructive. 

So let's ensure that we all have a happy and healthy Holiday Season and look out for each other.  Of course, if you find someone having problems with substance abuse there are effective solutions available by contacting Narconon Arrowhead for help at 1800-468-6933 or log on to 

Narconon is a worldwide drug rehabilitation and education program now operating in 36 countries.  The program uses the drug-free methodology developed by L. Ron Hubbard and 70% of its graduates remain drug free, happy and productive members of society once again, far above the success rate of traditional methods. 

I am living proof that the program works and I once again can enjoy the Holidays with my friends and family without the worry or problems of drugs and alcohol.