Treatment for Alcoholism –Plan, Program and Options

Alcohol Treatment Clinics

The Center for Disease Control reports that there are over 17 million adults that could be classified as alcoholics or who have alcohol problems.  Unfortunately only 8% of these individuals receive treatment for alcoholism. Many centers exist to treat alcohol abuse. There are traditional 12 step programs, Christian programs, non-traditional programs, in-patient residential programs, out-patient programs, alcohol treatment clinics and the list goes on.  

Why Some Don’t Get Help

Even with many choices available, there are those that find it difficult to go into treatment for a number of reasons. According to a survey done by Narconon drug rehabilitation programs the following were the most common reasons not go enroll in an alcohol treatment program:

1.    Loss of time with family.
2.    Not feeling treatment was needed.
3.    Financial reasons.
4.    Not being able to miss work, other responsibilities for treatment.
5.    Embarrassment; not wanting to tell loved ones about the addiction.

Even though reasons for not seeking treatment can seem valid, going without it can only prolong and worsen the addiction.

The Best Option

Statistics have shown that long term in-patient treatment is the best option for alcohol addiction.  Addiction doesn’t happen overnight so successfully treating one doesn’t happen overnight either.  When a person drinks alcohol for long periods of time their brains and bodies adjust and the alcohol acts as a support system for the individual. When a person stops drinking they will experience many physical and mental symptoms including:

•    Headache
•    Tiredness
•    Nausea
•    Body Aches
•    Depression
•    Sadness
•    Anxiety
•    Anger
•    Moodiness

With many short term programs the body will just begin to readjust when the treatment ends. The individual often struggles with cravings and reoccurring withdrawal symptoms that send them back into alcohol use. This is why the relapse rate can be so high with many alcohol treatment clinics.

Long term treatment is one of the best choices a person can make but the type of treatment is also key to fully handling an alcohol addiction. As mentioned above there are many different types of treatment out there for alcoholism. The type of treatment often determines the success.

The Narconon alcohol treatment program is one that achieves a more than 70% success rate for permanent sobriety. The program is a unique alcohol treatment clinic in that it addresses and cleans up the body as well as handling the mental aspects of the problem.

Narconon uses a dry heat sauna program to help clean up and detoxify addicts from the negative effects of alcohol use. When alcohol is ingested into the body it goes through a filtration process via the liver where some of the alcohol is converted into a protein based molecule called a metabolite that binds to fat cells in the body. 

Whenever the person heart rate goes up for whatever reason these metabolites are released into the bloodstream and travel to the brain causing what is called a physical craving for the alcohol.  These metabolites can stay in the body for years.  These cravings are the major reason most people fail to remain sober.  Going through a sauna detoxification will eliminate these cravings and significantly increase your chances of remaining sober for the rest of your life.

Upon completion of the sauna detoxification, Narconon uses Life Skills Therapy to help handle the mental and emotional aspects of addiction. The program helps to get down to the core reasons why a person started using alcohol in the first place.

Before making a decision to enroll in an alcohol treatment clinic it is key to look at all the options. Choosing the right program is extremely important to future sobriety. Ask about the success rate of the program, type and length of treatment as well as costs.

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