Treatment for Alcoholism –Plan, Program and Options

Alcohol Treatment Services

Many people are aware of the dangers facing our communities when it comes to drug abuse and addiction. Addiction can ruin whole communities and opens the door for all kinds of disasters to occur. Employment will go down and crime will go up. Children will lose parents to jail, death and the streets. One way people have tried to combat this problem is by making alcohol treatment services available to the public. When people are trapped in the cycle of addiction and are living in a place where drugs are not only available, but are prevalent, it is very hard for them to break free. In communities where the employment rate is low and the school systems are failing, selling drugs can be viewed as a profitable alternative to struggling to survive on minimum wage. Gangsters may have joined together to be able to control the drug trade in their area, and may pressure others to join up with them or face being robbed and exploited. In order for someone to withstand these incredible pressures, they have to be extremely strong willed and willing to fight for their lives every day.

Many schools in low income, high crime areas are under funded with underpaid staff and less than adequate facilities. Many children in the ghettos and projects will have a hellish home life where stress, drama and chaos are every day occurrences and then they will go to school with other kids from the same situations that have many anger and emotional issues. On top of this the teachers will be over worked and underpaid. They will be stressed to the max from dealing with these types of children and may lose hope and interest when they see how little the children or the parents care about education.

After this the children will return home to the desperation and chaos that seems to be their life. They will see people who are working honest jobs struggling to hang on and living in fear from the dangers of their neighborhood. Then they will see the gangsters and the drug dealers making money and getting respect and being feared, and the draw is obvious, and for many there is no choice which way to go. Even if it means risking jail or death, they are already living in Hell.

Many people outside of these areas do not realize exactly what young people face trying to grow up in these conditions. The government does not want to put the tax money it takes into these communities, and is content to keep them in the system, either on welfare or in the criminal system. Understanding this is important when trying to help someone from this situation get off of drugs and into alcohol treatment services.