Treatment for Alcoholism –Plan, Program and Options

Alcohol Treatment for Women

Women, being different from men, may look for different things in an addiction treatment center than a man would. Women who use drugs or alcohol may suffer from serious health problems such as sexually transmitted diseases, and mental health problems such as anxiety, fear or depression.

Damaging Effects of Addiction on Women

All drugs and alcohol damage the body and eventually the mind.  The effects of alcohol damaging various parts of the body appear to be higher in women. Alcohol can damage certain hormone-releasing glands which may trigger other serious health problems. Women tend to suffer more long term effects as well. Also, determined by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, CASA, at Columbia University women drink or abuse drugs for different reasons than men. In fact, the study reports that women tend to drink or use for emotional reasons, whereas men will do so recreationally.  Additionally, the study found that females face more brain damage as a result of drug or alcohol abuse.

According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, SAMHSA, there are 6.9 million women needing some form of treatment for addiction or alcoholism that are not receiving help. Only 1.7% actually makes an effort to reach for and find treatment. Among that is a very small percentage that receives effective treatment. The reasons these women do not get the help they so desperately need vary:

•         They are afraid of the negative effect treatment may have on their job.
•         They have no health insurance.
•         Many say they are not ready to stop using.

But women, like all addicts need to be reached and their treatment needs addressed so that quality care can be provided to them. Unfortunately, without treatment many women will end up in the criminal system and can also face other negative consequences of addiction including death.

Treatment for women should include health, wellness and quality of life. Abstinence alone is not the answer to really handling substance abuse problems. Women need to learn to handle the core, underlying problems that lead them to drug and alcohol addiction in the first place.

The Right Approach

Narconon provides an alternative method of treatment, and specializes in providing addiction treatment for women that gets a result. The Narconon program currently has an over 70%, for treating women which is among the highest in the nation.

Unlike traditional 12 step programs, Narconon handles physical drug cravings and then addresses the life skills necessary to live drug and alcohol free. Any women needing addiction treatment that enters the program progresses at their own rate and is able to address their own personal issues related to the addiction.

Narconon refers to their clients as students, because they are learning how to overcome addiction or alcoholism and handle life’s issues. Every female student works certain parts of the program under the supervision of a certified specialist, and are able to work with other students on some parts as well. Many times, when a female addict or alcoholic finally reaches for help, her self-esteem is very often bruised or nonexistent, after extensive drug or alcohol abuse. Every student’s case is assessed individually and by various certified staff members to ensure that he or she is making progress and is operating on an optimal level upon completion.

The sauna portion of the program is the part of the Narconon program that handles physical drug cravings. What is not commonly known is that long after use, drug residuals are stored in the fatty tissue of the body. These residuals can be released into the bloodstream at any time and when they are, they cause a restimulative effect on the individual which will most likely cause them to relapse and use.  The sauna portion of the program drastically reduces the left behind residuals, leaving the person feeling better that they have in years. At this point, they are healthier and clear minded, due to the loss of cravings caused from these residuals.

Narconon rehab then delivers life skills courses that focus on the mental and emotional problems associated with substance abuse. It has been proven that once the body and the cravings are handled, the mind is more receptive to the life skills process. Upon completion of the entire program, students feel great, they are empowered and no longer have the desire to ever use or drink again.  Women, in particular, respond so well, that many choose to adopt a new lifestyle that involves helping others with the same issues, in some capacity.

It is evident that drug abuse affects women all over the country. Narconon is a real solution for addiction treatment for women. Call 800-468-6933 for more information.