Treatment for Alcoholism –Plan, Program and Options

Alcoholism Treatment

Looking for an effective, successful and proven Alcoholism Treatment program can be very difficult, time consuming and frustrating.  There are so many alcoholism treatment centers out there to choose from so how does one know which one will suit them best?  When deciding on alcoholism treatment one must consider three things. 

The length of the program, the criteria of the program and the success rate should all be top priority of the individual or families looking for treatment.  Statistics and trends have shown that long-term in-patient alcoholism treatment centers have produced the best results and most success.

Look for programs that offer specialized and personalized treatment programs since no two cases of drug or alcohol dependence and thus treatment are the same.  Be sure that the drug and alcohol rehab program will do an intake assessment and have doctors and medical staff monitor and work with you constantly to evaluate and adjust treatment plans.  Since drug additions and alcohol dependence are often multi-faceted, be sure that the rehab program addresses the physical, social, psychiatric, mental, and perhaps even spiritual aspects of the addiction.  The alcohol and drug rehab program should recognize and address each of these facets.

Drug and alcoholism treatment and recovery is a long term process and should require a continuum of care.  Drug and alcohol treatment programs should also include family situation assessments.  Check out how different drug and alcoholism treatment programs handle continuing care, halfway house referrals, arranging transitional living, alumni involvement and support.  These are all positive things that a drug and alcoholism treatment program can involve.

When you are choosing between an inpatient or outpatient drug and alcohol rehab program there are some simple rules of thumb to consider.  Outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs require a commitment of coming to the program location several times a week and will need to have the time and transportation resources available to do that.  Others who do not meet these criteria, have previously gone through an outpatient program and relapsed, or are just looking for a more intensive drug and alcoholism treatment program should opt for an inpatient residential treatment program since those are generally more successful and effective. 

Another factor to consider is cost.  Different levels of care will have different costs with a drug and alcoholism treatment program.  Different inpatient, outpatient, detox, or transitional care rehab programs are usually covered by medical insurances at least to some extent.  Insurance companies will require that the drug and alcoholism treatment program has the proper certification and licensing by the appropriate certification and licensing agencies.

One important thing to keep in mind is that in general the cost of a drug or alcohol addiction during a lifetime in the monetary losses and emotional damage one receives and incurs will greatly outweigh any financial costs of a successful drug or alcoholism treatment program.  Check out highly effective drug and alcoholism treatment programs in your area, and start on the road to recovery.