Treatment for Alcoholism –Plan, Program and Options

Alcoholism Treatment Center

If someone is battling alcoholism and is looking for an alcoholism treatment center, there are many different types to choose from today. The person needs to decide if they want an alcoholism treatment center which offers a traditional 12 Step program or an alternative program. Some centers provide one or the other, 12 Step or alternative, and some have a combination of the two. The decision also needs to be made if they want a "no drug" treatment or they prefer a program that uses drug replacement therapy such as Anatabuse to help with their alcoholism.

The person also needs to have made up their mind they are truly ready to stop drinking and willing to make a firm commitment to sobriety. Those who have come to the realization and commitment that it is time to give up alcohol for good and go willingly to an alcoholism treatment center will find working the program easier than those that attend to make someone else happy. The determination and willingness to go and receive the help needed increases their chance for success and life-long sobriety.

Even with the person committed to getting help; getting them to the alcoholism treatment center can be the most difficult part. So once the decision and arrangements are made, do not delay and go immediately. If it is delayed for one reason or another, it might never happen. Their alcoholism will convince them they are alright and they can handle it. Therefore do not delay, "get while the getting is good!"

Upon arrival the person will go through the physical aspect of withdrawing from the alcohol. Depending on how long the person has been drinking and the amount they have been drinking will determine how long the withdrawal will last. The withdrawal period usually lasts anywhere from a few days to a week. During the withdrawal the person can experience nausea, diarrhea, cold sweats and chills, irritability along with depression. As the alcohol continues to leave their system they will begin to feel better physically and become more clearheaded.

As their head clears they will be able to look at their life on alcohol and all the damage it has caused. This will be upsetting and difficult for the person to see how they "really" were but the trained staff will be there to help guide them through this, alcohol free. They will rebuild their self worth handling past issues without turning to alcohol for help.

Dependent upon the chosen program, the staff will begin helping them acquire the life skills and tools needed to handle problems without relying on alcohol. Learning these new skills and how to live life without alcohol can seem overwhelming, however they will realize that alcohol never improved their life, just caused more damage to it.

An alcoholism treatment center will have the trained counselors to walk the person through their past into present time with the skills or steps needed for a sober life. Once having completed the program they will return home to their life the productive, responsible person they were before alcohol and live a life free of alcohol.