Treatment for Alcoholism –Plan, Program and Options

Effective Alcohol Treatment

There is valid reason for concern over the alcoholism problem in the United States.  We see it daily on the news, we hear it on the radio, and we talk about it with our family, friends and coworkers. With such an imposing problem, all one has to do to find help resources is surf the internet or pick up the phone.  It can, however, be a mission to find effective alcohol treatment.

Types of Treatment

There are many types of alcohol treatment out there. The traditional approach is the Twelve Step method. One might best access a traditional type therapy through Alcoholics Anonymous. They encourage the alcoholic to attend daily meetings, work the steps and report to a sponsor.  Historically, this particular method has been effective for alcoholics however, the treatment only achieves a 3-10% success rate for permanent sobriety from alcohol addiction.

Another popular method of recovery is substitution drug therapy. This is when one drug is substituted in order to wean the individual off of another substance. This is not recommended unless medically necessary because this simply promotes withdrawal from yet another drug. Not only does the person go through another withdrawal, they now have an additional drug that they find they are dependent upon. There are times when it is not safe to withdraw a person without the aid of a substitution drug, however, this is a very small percentage of the cases, and should only be administered under close, medical  supervision in an approved medical facility.

For those who have attempted the 12 step method and failed, for those who are seeking a healthy, holistic approach, there are available options. One of the most successful methods of substance abuse treatment is that offered through the Narconon program. Research shows that Narconon’s method of treatment is among the highest in the nation, with a current success rate of over 70%. This program was founded by William Benitez, in 1966 and has since literally helped thousands of alcoholics and addicts to turn their lives around and become upstanding members of society.  

“Willie” was serving time in an Arizona state prison when he discovered these simple tools he thought could be successful in helping addicts and alcoholics overcome their addiction. He was serving time for a drug related crime because he was a former heroin addict. He formed the first Narconon, using the tools he’d discovered. This program became so successful that Benitez requested to stay in prison for 2 more years, even after paroled, so he could continue to help others.  Since that time, Narconon centers have sprung up across the globe and have been helping those in need to find effective drug and alcohol treatment.

Behind Alcohol Abuse & How To Solve It

What has been discovered is that long after uses alcohol, there are residuals left behind in the fatty tissue of the body. When these alcohol residuals are released into the bloodstream, they cause a restimulative effect on the person, triggering cravings and causing relapse. One of the most effective alcohol treatment methods is through a dry-heat sauna used by Narconon to help to remove these toxins from the body and drastically reduce alcohol cravings. Once this is complete the program uses Life Skills Courses to handle the mental aspects of alcohol addiction.

The goal with the alcohol treatment is to help the individual to be a sober, productive and contributing member of society. The individual is also able to repair relationships with others that were damaged by addiction as well as restore happiness to many parts of their lives previously torn apart by substance abuse.

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