Treatment for Alcoholism –Plan, Program and Options

History of Alcoholic Treatment

The history of alcoholic treatment began in the 1800's. The first reports of uncontrollable urges to drink alcohol began to appear in the 1800's. Dipsomania is the term used in the 1800's for cravings of alcohol. For over 12,000 years alcohol has been used as a staple for survival, medicinal purposes, and religious ceremonies and for funeral offerings throughout the world. In the last couple of centuries alcohol use has been attributed to poor health and premature deaths.

In 1849 a Swedish physician, Magnus Huss labeled "alcoholism" but not until 1939 with the birth of alcoholic anonymous did alcoholism become a widely recognized problem of the working-class. Since then social attitudes and attempts of alcohol rehabs has continued to evolve. Today their are a wide variety of treatment options available for  a person suffering from alcoholism.

Several models have been developed for alcoholism rehabilitation. Morality model, temperance model and the American disease model is used in different rehabs across the country. The morality model is from the early American school of thought that holds personal choice as the reason for alcohol abuse and continuing addiction. The temperance developed from the 1800's through 1933 when strict laws prohibited alcohol was finally stopped, alcohol was seen as dangerous and a highly addictive substance which should be avoided at all costs, otherwise the consumer risked complete loss of self-restraint. The American disease model is used by Alcoholics Anonymous since 1935 and has been accepted by medical professionals as a condition of psychological, spiritual and physical weaknesses that cause immense vulnerability toward drinking and renders alcoholic incapable of stopping once they start.

The disease model has basically been accepted by the broad public of the United States. There have been more causative approaches developed in the last 30yrs. This causative approach enables the alcoholic to restore his own abilities of self will and gives the person back the power of choice in his life. The history of alcoholic treatment is history and a new approach may be the answer.

If you know someone who is struggling with alcoholism and needs help, we can provide you with that assistance. We have professional, staff available to answer any questions that you may have. We help thousands of individuals, just like you, each year. We can provide you with free counseling, assessments, or referrals and we are only a click or phone call away. We hope that by providing you with the history of alcoholic treatment that you will seek help for your loved one. You are not alone. More than half of the population are binge drinkers and are in need of alcoholism help. You can help your loved one overcome this disaster.