Treatment for Alcoholism –Plan, Program and Options

Holistic Alcohol Treatment

Have you ever heard of holistic alcohol treatment, treatment without the use of Librium or other pharmaceutical drugs? An approach of recovery without the use of other drugs is the answer to any drug addiction. Why mask the problem with a bandage of another drug? Then the person risks the danger of being addicted to another drug. The person never lifts the fog of addiction. A life with a clear mind gives the addict back the ability to have a happy and productive life once again.

Alcohol is a legal and deadly drug that destroys lives every single day. The legal drugs such as alcohol and benziodapines are the most deadly and very easily accessible. Most people do not realize the consequences to alcohol use. Alcohol causes more damage to the body and brain than heroin.  The body can recover from heroin use. There have been reports that the body never fully recovers from alcohol. More people have died from alcohol consumption or alcoholic related accidents that heroin related incidents.

Usually alcohol withdrawal needs medical withdrawal and then a holistic approach can be administered. Solutions have been found to help the alcoholic withdraw without the use of other drugs or medications. Alcohol depletes the body of B1 and the depletion of B1 is what causes the tremors and hallucinations of alcohol withdrawal. A high dose of B1 can and will stop much of the alcohol tremors and hallucinations.

Here is a story of personal experience of alcohol withdrawal. When I first laid eyes on this man his hands were trembling uncontrollably and he was loosing his bodily functions of bladder control within his bed. I suggested med-detox to him. He looked at me with tears in his eyes. He spoke with determination and sincerity, “I do not have the money and I will not ask my family. I want to quit drinking and I will die before I put anymore strain on my family." This man became my three day mission.  I would give him B1 every 2 hrs with a glass of water. I had to do this for him because his hands shook so badly. I gave him light body massages to ease the muscle spasms. With only B1 and massages this man got through it. On the third day his tremors were gone. He had control of his body. He gave me thanks and went on with a rehab without any use of other drugs.

Most rehabs deal with alcohol withdrawal with benziodapines which is another risky drug addiction. The holistic approach to alcohol treatment has been proven to be successful to the alcoholic. What do you want rehab with drugs or a holistic alcohol treatment without drug replacement therapy?