Treatment for Alcoholism –Plan, Program and Options

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment

More awareness of the alcoholic personality and why inpatient alcohol treatment for alcoholics is the key to helping someone overcome alcohol abuse. Persons, who are engaging in alcohol abuse, are usually experiencing more that one problem. Research shows that there is stereotypical personality that accompanies the alcoholic, the addictive personality. Some of the characteristics displayed by the addictive/alcoholic personality are as follows:

-difficulty in relaying gratification
-sensation seeking
-weak commitment to goals for achievement valued by society
-social alienation
-general tolerance for deviance
-poor tolerance for stress
-increased sensation of distress

This outline may assist a person to under stand why alcoholics cannot just stop drinking. Drinking is not just an action it is a lifestyle. This means that in order for a person to stop drinking, the person must not only actually stop drinking but must change parts of his personality that have headed the person in an unhealthy direction. Once this is accepted to be true by the alcoholic the next step is a plan of action. It is not advised for an alcoholic to attempt to quit drinking on his own. Breaking such habits is very difficult for anyone even with assistance of others let alone by themselves.

Over the last few decades research indicates that longer treatment periods are associated with a brighter result. On the average, a treatment period of three months or more was related with higher results of sobriety. This means lesser incidence of relapse for the recovering alcoholic. Persons who have experienced treatment expressed more positive feedback towards longer treatment plans. People who are in residential treatment are more likely to have a better sense of overall satisfaction with themselves and the feeling of success after treatment is higher. Overall an inpatient alcohol treatment may mean greater results for the alcoholic and greater possibilities in the overall lifestyle of the person attempting to get off of alcohol.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment is has really proven to be the most successful option when an individual is trying to overcome their alcohol addiction. Since there are hundreds, if not thousands of options out there, a person really wants to make sure that the program that they choose is going to truly work for them. Don’t just take someone’s word for it that it works “because it worked for them”. You are an individual so one program may work for someone and a totally different program may work for you. Make sure that you get a full assessment of not just your drug use, but of your life history so that the inpatient alcohol treatment center can make the best judgment possible to help you achieve a full recovery from alcohol addiction. Help is out there, keep looking.