Treatment for Alcoholism –Plan, Program and Options

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Center

According to recent studies, statistics reveal that long term treatment has a much higher success rate when compared to outpatient and short term treatment programs. Simply because with addiction comes many mental and emotional issues, and an individual cannot expect to handle them all within a short 30 day period. Long term impatient treatment centers give an individual the opportunity to not only get the help they need to stay clean and sober, but also equip them with the necessary tools needed remain sober the rest of their lives. 

For some, weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings may be a successful action, but for the majority of people in recovery meetings only compound the issue. Often times war stories are told just putting an individual’s attention on their past and previous mistakes. Sobriety first begins with the individual. In order for any treatment approach to be successful the individual has to be willing to put their past behind them and push forward to a new successful future. Alcohol not only has negative effects and consequences on the individual, but the family and close friends suffer just as much if not more. Even though it may be hard to be away from close friends and family for an extended period of time, statistics show that long term inpatient alcohol treatment is the most effective route for an individual to get their life back on track.

Narconon drug rehabilitation has found clients to have a higher rate of success if they remove themselves from the area that they typically use and abuse alcohol. Local bars, gas stations, and liquor stores can often trigger intense physical cravings for alcohol.  By separating themselves from that environment it gives them the opportunity to clear their mind, and start fresh.
Alcohol Abuse Statistics

•         On average there are a total of 14,406 people who die of liver disease directly linked from alcoholism.
•         Recent studies reveal a total of 23,199 alcohol-induced deaths, not including homicides or accidents.
•         An estimated 52% of adults over the age of 18 were currently regular drinkers, consuming at least 12 or more drinks a year.
•         A little over 50% of United States homicides involved alcohol.
•         Recent studies revealed that around 75% of all prison inmates were involved with both drugs and or alcohol while or during their criminal offense.
•         Around 40% of United States assaults involved alcohol.
•         Research revealed that a total estimated $58 billion dollars a year is spent on the result of underage drinking in the United States.
•         Males are around 4 times as likely as females to become dependent upon alcohol.
•         Studies have revealed that long term alcohol and drug abuse results in a total cost of over $100 billion each year. With Alcoholism alone causing about $500 million in lost work each year.
•         According to the World Health Organization there is an estimated 76 million people worldwide who suffer from alcohol-related illness or disorders.
•         Recent studies revealed a total of 16,694 deaths directly linked to alcohol related vehicle crashes. Totaling out 39% of all traffic fatalities. This results in 1 alcohol related death every 31 minutes.
Physical Alcohol Cravings

A little known fact about alcohol is that as the body metabolizes or breaks down alcohol residuals are stored behind in the fatty tissue. These residuals can be released anytime the individual’s heart rate is increased. Whether they get into an argument, get a pocket full of money, have sex, or drive by the liquor store. Studies have revealed these physically induced alcohol cravings are the leading cause of relapse.

Choosing the Right Alcohol Treatment Option

When it comes to choosing the best alcohol treatment center, you will want to speak with only certified counselors. Certified counselors have the training and experience to assist you in choosing the most effective treatment for you or your loved one. Another very important aspect to focus on is the success rate of a center. This is just as important as any other aspect regarding treatment. Ask what their success rate is, and how do they measure this?

Additionally try to locate a facility that address not only the mental and emotional aspects of alcohol addiction, but the physical cravings as well. This is important because many programs out there only address one of these vital factors, and in order to achieve lifelong sobriety this is a must. A successful drug and alcohol treatment facility will not shy away from this very important issue. In closing the most important aspects to focus on are talking to a licensed and certified counselor, researching facilities that handle both the body and mind, and know the facts before making your decision. Call now to speak with a certified counselor, and make the right decision for you or your loved one.

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Just going to meetings or groups may keep you sober for the hour that you are in the meeting or group, but you will not be learning how to live your life sober.