Drug Abuse Prevention Atlanta

Atlanta parents join together in an attempt to prevent drug abuse

Atlanta’s increasing drug problem is at the top of list for parents in the area who want to save their children from addiction before it even starts. The Parent Corps is an effort developed and managed by National Families in Action (NFIA), which has been a leader in the adolescent drug-prevention movement since it was established in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1977. Narconon Arrowhead has been supporting this movement by delivering drug education lectures to students since 2000 in an attempt to educate them about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

NFIA initially helped lead the original parent movement to prevent drug use among children and adolescents, and has worked relentlessly to empower parents. At its founding, NFIA worked with Georgia legislators to ban the sale of drug paraphernalia – toys and gadgets to enhance drug use – that were being marketed to children by the illegal drug industry to promote the use of harmful, addictive drugs like marijuana, cocaine, nitrous oxide, PCP, inhalants, and other drugs. Drug paraphernalia became a watershed in the growing drug culture, helping parents see clearly that “bad parenting” was not responsible for adolescent drug use, but that other forces were driving the adolescent drug epidemic.

By refusing to accept complete blame for this phenomenon any longer, parents were freed to start fighting back, and fight they did. During the next 13 years, they formed parent groups to challenge – and   change – social norms that tolerated drug use. The parent drug-prevention movement worked closely with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to raise the drinking age to 21 and reduce adolescent deaths from drunk-driving crashes. Parents also took aim at the tobacco industry, recognizing that cigarettes and smokeless tobacco were not only dangerous themselves, but along with alcohol and marijuana, serve as gateways into the illegal drug culture for young people.

Groups like NFIA, Parent Corps, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Narconon Arrowhead and many others are trying desperately to change the future for our children. One of the best ways to do that is to make our world a drug free place to live. With the rising amounts of drugs being trafficked over into the US the fight for a drug free America is still going strong. The fight for a drug free world is a completely different ball game but it is all of our responsibility to help America and the world win the fight against drugs.

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