Heroin Drug Rehab Atlanta

As Atlanta\s youth tries on heroin the need for heroin drug rehab in the area becomes a topic to try on.

Heroin is a threat primarily to metropolitan Atlanta and other large cities in Georgia. Mexican criminal groups, using private and commercial vehicles, package delivery services, and couriers aboard bus lines, are the primary transporters of South American heroin into and through Georgia. Mexican and, to a lesser extent, Colombian and Dominican criminal groups distribute South American heroin at the wholesale level. Mexican criminal groups also transport and distribute very small quantities of Mexican brown powdered and black tar heroin into Georgia. Nigerian criminal groups transport and distribute South American and small quantities of Southeast and Southwest Asian heroin into and through Georgia. African American, Caucasian, Dominican, and Mexican criminal groups as well as local independent dealers are the principal retail distributors of heroin in Georgia.  With the ease of transportation and distribution of heroin into the area the need for heroin drug rehab becomes the prevelant issue of the day.

Violence associated with heroin distribution and abuse in Georgia is limited, although heroin distributors in Georgia sometimes commit violent crimes such as homicide, kidnapping, and robbery. Heroin abusers who commit crimes in Georgia generally commit nonviolent property crimes to support their heroin habits.  Heroin abusers tend to steal from friends and family in an attempt to aviod harsh withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin addiction and the need for heroin drug rehab is an important issue to residents of the area.

Narconon Arrowhead, one of the world\'s largest and most effective drug rehabilitation and education programs can help.  We offer free addiction counseling, free assessments, and referrals to your community.  To locate an Atlanta drug rehab or find out information about drug abuse contact Narconon Arrowhead by calling 1-800-468-6933 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.