Drug Rehab Boston

Boston’s war on drug crime is being fought with drug rehab.

Boston’s drug situation continues to climb with the primary drugs of abuse being cocaine and heroin. As the crime rate also soars, the justice department has decided to try a new approach by helping addicts recover through drug rehab rather than doing prison terms. Narconon Arrowhead supports this decision and agrees that addicts have a better chance of recovery when given the proper treatment rather than doing time in prison where their addictions are not addressed and handled.

The notion that if you put addicts in jail where they can’t get drugs that this would cure them is false. The truth is, send addicts to prison and 50 percent of them will get rearrested with in one year of their release because they have gone back to using drugs. Addicts are forced into crime by their addiction usually to support their own habit and once the addiction is gone, the need to commit crimes also fades away. Leaving an individual who can be a productive member of society because, they are no longer living a life of drug abuse.

A state prisoner costs about $32,000 a year for taxpayers compared to about $20,000 for a drug treatment resident.  For the individual who is lucky enough is get drug treatment the results are much better for the person and the state. When an addict recovers for good the savings are greater still, in preventing the losses due to crimes that might have been committed to support a drug habit and in the savings on court and jail costs that might have been caused by another arrest. When we ask ourselves why the system isn’t working, the answer is that we are not dealing with the addiction. Most addicts will find their way into the criminal system over and over again due to addiction.

Since 1973, the prison population has swelled with criminal who are doing time for drug related crimes. Today more and more states are doing away with mandatory sentences for drug related crimes. Offering drug rehab as an alternative for those who are ready to make a change in their lives by getting off of drugs is the best policy for the entire nation.

Boston Massachusetts is only one of many states that is reforming its drug policy and the numbers are great when you look them. Of the 1,700 people sent to treatment in the past four years, 500 are still in treatment and 550 have completed the program. Of the graduates, just 12 percent have committed new crimes just one-quarter the recidivism rate of similar criminals who went to jail rather than treatment. In seeing these numbers treatment looks to be the better option.

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse and are searching for inpatient drug rehab in Boston Massachusetts, call Narconon Arrowhead today. Narconon Arrowhead is one of the world's largest and most effective inpatient drug rehabilitation and education programs with a success rate of over 70% of those who graduate. Narconon Arrowhead offers free addiction counseling, free assessments, and referrals to the residents in Boston Massachusetts. To locate a Boston Massachusetts drug rehab or find out information about drug abuse contact Narconon Arrowhead by calling 1-800-468-6933 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..