Meth Drug Rehab Chicago

Methamphetamine  use in the city is on the rise and area residents have reason to be concerned and consider the benefit of methamphetamine drug rehab.

Methamphetamine production and abuse are spreading to rural areas of Chicago. Methamphetamine is growing in popularity because it has a lower cost and longer euphoric effect than crack cocaine. Law enforcement agencies in Chicago report that methamphetamine abuse is on the rise, as is the need for methamphetamine drug rehab, education, and addiction treatment.

Methamphetamine availability and production are increasing in Chicago. Methamphetamine now poses the primary drug threat in the rural areas of the city and is the second most serious threat after crack in urban areas of central Chicago. Methamphetamine production is a serious safety and environmental concern to the residents of the city which is fueling the need for methamphetamine addiction treatment.  City officials believe that the key to addiction recovery lies within the concept of drug rehab Illinois.

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