Cocaine Trends

Cocaine was first introduced to American society in the 1880’s as a surgical anaesthetic. This drug was not illegal at that time, and soon became popular in households across the nation. The United States soon became the world’s biggest importer and user of cocaine, and still remains so to this day. The coca-cola company also used cocaine in their product, called coke for short. Cocaine’s popularity with the American people became increasingly popular in the early 1900’s before the Harrison Act banned this substance in 1913. Cocaine’s problems rose tremendously in the 1960’s which caused the Harrison Act to be revised and implemented a second time.  Cocaine addiction is one of the most widespread addictions facing millions of Americans today. Some cocaine trends include 25% of Americans between 26 and 34 have used cocaine at least once in their life. The most recent statistic showed that 8% of all high school seniors used cocaine at least once during high school. Being a highly addictive stimulant, cocaine addiction is an extremely tough addiction to break.

Since cocaine is a stimulant, in short-term use may not seem bad to the general public who are unaware of this drug’s addiction level. Cocaine is very popular in social settings during high school and college. People taking this drug are more talkative and energetic, and senses become heightened which increase mental alertness. The “life” of a party can usually be someone that is drunk or high. People may choose to use cocaine in order to get attention due to insecurities and doubt. Cocaine can take away these reservations, and cause someone to act different than they normally would. Some listed short term side effects are:

  • Dilated pupils
  • Decreased appetite
  • Heightened mental alertness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Constricted blood vessels
  • Increase in temperature

After someone has used cocaine for even the first time, guilt, cravings, and depression all present themselves as a torturous black cloud hanging over an individual's head, constantly weighing a person down from enjoying the life around them. Cocaine addicts are not only a liability to themselves, but their job and/or family. This is a large problem for people who do not use, and they will have to deal with people do since 1.5 million residents are believed to used cocaine at least once per month. When a person is addicted to cocaine they act withdrawn from people in general. Drug addicts personality traits will change during and after their use. Actions by such a person tend to be considered psychotic as they would do things completely different then they would if clean. Other than affecting someone’s life socially, here are some direct side effects of cocaine after an increase in use:

  • Rises and drops in blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Cold sweats
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Inflammation of the mucous membrane which can result in bleeding and permanent damage to the nasal cavities
  • Anxiety
  • Strokes, or convulsions


Help Is A Needed Cocaine Trend

The alternative to what seems an endless struggle from cocaine addiction is true recovery. If the cravings, guilt, and depression are successfully handled through the Narconon“Arrowhead drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, the individual can finally be freed from the baggage of addiction and once again have an enjoyable, happy and productive life. The advantage Narconon has is a phenomenal sauna detoxification that can purify the body and eliminate toxic substances within through sweating them out. Vitamins and minerals are taken because through sweat, they too are depleted in the sauna. It is implemented that students maintain a healthy diet before, during and after the sauna program. At Narconon Arrowhead it is very easy to do this with fruits being available all day, and the salad bar being open for every meal except breakfast.
The Narconon drug rehab program has been helping those addicted to cocaine and many other drugs and alcohol leave their addiction behind permanently for over 40 years. With over 70% of cocaine addicts remaining drug free years after completing the program, the Narconon Arrowhead program has become the most successful choice for those who seriously intend on leaving addiction behind.

Aside from Narconon’s cocaine drug treatment that was mentioned earlier, helps drug addicts overcome the mental phase of addiction, and handle the cause for their use.

For more information on cocaine addiction trends and Narconon crack cocaine rehab call 800-468-6933.