Crack Cocaine Trends In 1995

Crack cocaine addiction trends continue to dominate as the most serious drug of abuse in most areas of the country, especially in the Community Epidemiology Work Group (CEWG) cities. 

CEGW cities are composed of researchers from 20 selected metropolitan areas of the United States who meet semiannually to report on patterns and trends of drug abuse in their respective areas; emerging drugs of abuse; vulnerable populations and factors that may place people at risk of drug use and abuse.  Indicator data shows the epidemic of crack and cocaine addiction may be leveling off in many urban areas and rebounding in others.

Field reports from some areas, such as Atlanta, show increased usage of crack cocaine in rural areas. Most indicators suggest an aging population of users who increasingly are suffering from health related consequences. Involvement in cocaine use among youth appear to be limited largely to sales and distribution, often as part of gangs. Minneapolis/St. Paul may be a possibly emerging exception: some indicator data suggest growing numbers of new, younger crack cocaine users.

Information released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse