Drug Abuse Prevention In Dallas

What Dallas Is Doing About Drug Abuse Prevention?

Most residents from Dallas know that the city has a major drug and alcohol problem. They may not know that in 2007, 4,213 persons sought after treatment for drug abuse. Narconon Arrowhead offers drug education programs across Texas and many other states. What is the Dallas area doing about drug abuse prevention you might ask yourself? They are sending out messages about substance abuse and starting up substance abuse prevention programs that are targeted to adolescents.

These messages and programs are provided through parents, the media, schools, and other sources. Information from the NSDUH report states that adolescents who talked with their parents about the dangers of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco use in the past year increased from 58.1 percent to 59.6 percent in 2007. The percentage of those who were exposed to school- based prevention messages in 2007 (70.2 percent) did not differ much from the percentage in 2002 (71.4 percent). Females aged 12-17 years are more apt then males to talk to their parents about substance abuse, receive messages from media sources or to receive information from their school, 61.5% vs. 57.4%.

 The goal here is to educate kids as young as possible. The sooner they know the dangers of drugs they can make rational decisions. The most rational is to not start using drugs and alcohol. After all, it still remains relatively true that people who do not abuse drugs or alcohol during the decisive years, before the age of 25, are likely to never develop a serious drug or alcohol problem. Reaching children at an early age can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of their future. When a child starts using drugs and alcohol they are more apt to fail not only at school but in life as well. Drugs and alcohol damage not only the body and the mind, they damage the life course of an individual, keeping the person stuck in place where they can not move forward in a productive manner.

It is the responsibility of parents and communities together to educate and protect our children from the ever growing drug problem not only in Dallas Texas but across the nation. The Dallas community is taking steps to prevent drug abuse but, there is always more that needs to be done. Parents must make sure that if their children don’t ask the questions about drugs that they as the parents start the conversation and get into communication with their children on the topic. Parents also need to make sure they are educated about drug and alcohol abuse so that they know the signs to look for and can better educate their children.

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