Heroin Drug Rehab Dallas

Heroin addiction strikes the city of Dallas and the need for effective heroin drug rehab is a prevelant issue.

Heroin poses a considerable threat to Dallas, Texas. Mexican black tar heroin and Mexican brown powdered heroin are the predominant types available throughout the city; however, South American, Southeast Asian, and Southwest Asian heroin are available to varying extents. Mexican DTOs and criminal groups control the transportation and wholesale distribution of Mexican black tar and brown powdered heroin. Colombian DTOs and criminal groups dominate the transportation and wholesale distribution of South American heroin, while Nigerian and other West African groups control the transportation and distribution of Southeast Asian and Southwest Asian heroin. Mexican criminal groups dominate retail-level heroin distribution in the city. However, African American, Caucasian, and other Hispanic criminal groups, local independent dealers, prison gangs, and street gangs also distribute heroin at the retail level. As the venues for transportation and distribution expand the need for heroin drug rehab, education and addiction treatment becomes a hot topic for the area.

Heroin abuse is a concern to law enforcement agencies throughout Dallas, Texas. Statistics show that 13 percent of the law enforcement respondents in Dallas, Texas who rated the level of heroin abuse in their jurisdictions reported high levels of abuse, 31 percent reported medium levels, and 55 percent reported low levels of abuse.  Law enforcement officials report that individuals who snort black tar heroin typically freeze the drug, and then crush it into a powder prior to administration. Smoking the drug involves heating it on a piece of aluminum foil over an open flame and inhaling rising wisps of smoke through a straw or similar device--a process called chasing the dragon.  Stastical averages indicate the desperate need for heroin drug rehab in the area.

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