Drug Abuse Prevention

Drug abuse prevention is the front line activity of keeping our nation's youth from getting caught in the trap of addiction. 

The latest national estimates have shown that drug abuse prevention has worked to some degree, with illicit drug use among kids 12-17 years old dropping by 9 percent over the last two years.

This good news does not mean that we can relax our drug abuse prevention efforts, as overall drug and alcohol abuse is still at an unbearable level.

  In addition, prescription drug use among adolescents has increased significantly, so the messages in our drug abuse prevention programs must continue to warn our children of the negative effects that occur from taking any drug.

Abstaining from drug use is still the best policy, and communicating to our nation's youth about the true dangers of drug use is the first place to start.  We must provide drug abuse prevention curriculums for every year of school for our children and we must initiate environmental change in our homes and our communities. 

We cannot throw the future of our civilization down the drain by allowing kids to get hooked on drugs. 

Narconon Arrowhead drug abuse prevention specialists continue to work to spread anti-drug messages through videos, live presentations and full curriculums in many states while the rest of the Narconon network helps young and old alike throughout the world.  Narconon professionals work with kids, parents, ministers, counselors, teachers and anyone else in an effort to keep our kids off of drugs.

Education and prevention efforts must start at earlier ages, and must start at home.  Our children need to know everything about drugs and the damage they cause and this can be done without building their curiosity or using scare tactics.  Simple communication with the truth is what works.

Take the time to speak to your kids about drug and alcohol abuse, and let's make a better society for all.