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Abuse Drug

Everybody wants to have a good time in life and feel happy. Most people look to their family and friends to bring them joy, or they have activities on their free time that they enjoy. Many people like to get an adrenaline rush from extreme sports. A lot of people work out to keep themselves feeling refreshed and vibrant. The sad fact is that there are millions of people around the World who turn to more self destructive techniques to feel good like abuse drug. People may start doing drugs for many different reasons. They may be at a party where they want to let loose. They may be drunk somewhere and their inhibitions will be lower, so they will do things that they normally wouldn’t do. Unfortunately many people grow up seeing their parents using drugs. This obviously causes them to be more inclined to use drugs. It also will make for a much more difficult childhood full of stress, worry and anxiety, which drugs will seem to clear up for a moment.

More and more kids are trying drugs in junior high and high schools. Not only are the numbers of kids growing statistically, but the ages are getting younger and younger. This could be due in part to the massive amounts of prescription drugs that are flooding our society. If you watch television half of the commercials are advertising some kind of pill that can help you with whatever your problem might be. If you can’t sleep, there is a pill for that. If you have anxiety, there is a pill for that. If you are not as happy as you would like to be, (now who doesn’t feel like that sometimes?) there is a pill you should take every day for that.

Now they are advertising powerful stimulants for people who think they may have what is being called adult attention deficit disorder. At the end of all these commercials is a long list of side effects and possible dangers from taking the pill, but they want you to take it every day. If children are seeing their parents take these kinds of substances to feel better, and they are aware of the harmful side effects, why shouldn’t they take marijuana or another drug if it makes them feel better? Adults are not the only ones targeted by these sales campaigns. Children are being prescribed all of these types of drugs. Instead of learning to deal with life and grow stronger the healthy way, they want them to sedate, stimulate, or numb themselves into addiction. Illegal narcotics are not the only type of abuse drug. Prescription drugs are just as dangerous if not more.