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Anabolic Steroid Abuse

Role models in the athletic world of today’s society are sending a very damaging message out to the young athletes each day.  Anabolic Steroid Abuse has found it’s way into mainstream America and is sending the message that ‘bigger is better’, no matter what the consequences are or how you get there. Anabolic steroids are simply synthetic versions of testosterone, a primary male hormone.  They are considered a Controlled Substance.  Sometimes they are prescribed to patients with AIDS and other diseases that cause the body to produce an abnormal amount of testosterone.  These doses that are prescribed are 10 to 100 times less than the amounts abused for enhancing performance.

When one abuses Anabolic steroids, there isn’t that immediate euphoria that comes with many other illicit substances, like cocaine or heroin.  The desire to use and abuse these steroids is to actually change performance, appearance, and other types of characteristics that may seem to be very important to young athletes and adolescents. Boosting the strength and the confidence are just a couple of the effects that occur when using anabolic steroids.  While these things may seem like a good idea for someone to want to achieve, the long term damage to the body and possible serious side effects of use are often overlooked.

It is true that anabolic steroid use is known to enhance many types of things, such as appearance and/or performance.  With this being said, they are very dangerous drugs and when are not used correctly, may cause long lasting, sever and sometimes, negative health issues that are irreversible.  Some of the consequences of anabolic steroid use and abuse include: kidney failure, tumors in the liver, heart attacks at a young age, strokes, and possibly serious problems of the mind. Abusing these drugs can actually stunt the growth of an adolescent, can make women very masculine, and sex characteristics of men may be altered. Also, the fact that steroids are often injected, there is the risk of contracting dangerous infections and diseases, like hepatitis B and C, as well as HIV and AIDS when needles are shared or not sterilized each time.  Other dangers may include things such as increased aggression (“Roid Rage”), psychological addiction, prostate enlargement, sexual dysfunction, menstrual problems and even death.

Peer pressure in adolescents is a major concern in the issue of steroid abuse.  Illicit drugs are common in this area, and Anabolic Steroid Abuse is a growing problem.  Many kids want to ‘fit in’ or may feel like they could look better, so they turn to the steroids to help them along the way, because ‘everyone’ is doing them.  Not true.  If you know someone that is thinking about experiencing with steroids, or it’s you that is caught up in the cycle of addition, there is help!!