Drug Abuse Treatment Programs, Rehabilitation, and Help

Drug Alcohol Abuse

Drug Alcohol Abuse is growing every minute of everyday all around us. It is a big problem for everyone involved.  The affects are limitless and may cause death.  Those that are caught up in the world of drug and alcohol abuse may try many times to quit on their own, only to wind up worse than they were before.  It is a vicious cycle, this cycle of addiction. Addiction is extremely hard to overcome.  There is a way out.  There is help if you need and want it. The dependence on drugs and alcohol are not only a problem for the individual that is using, it is a problem for everyone involved in that individual’s life, from the parents of the alcoholic or addict, to the children of the alcoholic or addict, even the workplace or career of the individual.

In the United States, alcohol is the substance that is abused the most frequently.  The nervous system is affected greatly, as alcohol is a depressant.  Some may think that alcohol will ‘pick them up’, but, in actuality, it will only bring you down. Other effects of alcohol include slurred speech, a decrease in reaction time and severe mood changes.  If excessive abuse occurs, an individual go into a coma.  With moderate use of alcohol, normal functions within the family, work or school, may suffer greatly, not to mention problems with the law that go along with drinking and driving and so on. Long term use and abuse of alcohol may cause serious medical conditions, such as loss of memory and liver disease.

There are a number of drugs that are abused each day by many.  Drugs like cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and prescribed drugs as well.  Cocaine is highly addictive.  It can produce extremely strong feelings of well being and happiness.  In reality, it impairs a person’s ability to function at home, at school and in the workplace.  It too can cause many problems with the law and within personal relationships also.  Once an individual starts using the drug, they find that it is hard to stop.  When the individual stops using the drug, many symptoms may present themselves.  Things like extreme restlessness, extreme tiredness, sleep problems and nightmares.  This is due to the withdrawal of the drug.

Heroin is considered an opiate.  Other opiates include morphine, methadone and codeine.  Effects of opiates include sleepiness, attention and memory problems, just to name a few. It, too, is highly addictive.

Prescription drugs are abused as well.  Although they are usually prescribed to an individual, that individual may not use them as prescribed or they may sell them on the street to make money off of them.

Any way you look at it, Drug Alcohol Abuse is affecting thousands of people everyday.  There is help and there is a way out through many treatment programs.