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What is Crack Cocaine

What is Crack Cocaine?  Let’s start with ‘what is cocaine’?  Cocaine is one of the most powerfully addictive drugs that are abused by many, many people.  When an individual tries cocaine for the first time, the extent to which he or she will use again and how often he or she will use is impossible to determine.  There are many ways that cocaine can be used.  It can be snorted or sniffed, injected, and smoked.  When it is smoked, this may include free-basing or crack-cocaine.  When it is snorted or sniffed, the cocaine is inhaled through the nose and is absorbed through the nasal tissues into the bloodstream.  Injecting the cocaine is done by using a needle directly into the bloodstream.  When an individual smokes the cocaine, the vapor of the drug goes into the lungs where it is then absorbed into the bloodstream, as quickly as it is when it is injected. The street name for cocaine that has been processed to a free base for smoking, is called ‘crack’  It is a method of  processing the cocaine with ammonia or baking soda, mixed with water, and is then heated.  By doing this, it will produce a form of cocaine that can be smoked.  This is called ‘crack’.  The term ‘crack’ comes from the crackling sound heard when it is smoked.

Whether the cocaine is snorted, injected or smoked, the risk is great.  When the cocaine, or crack, is smoked, the addiction and compulsion to use it again seems to be greater.  The reason being is that by smoking it, it allows very high amounts of cocaine to reach the brain a lot quicker and can produce an immediate and very intense high.  The euphoric high will be experienced within ten seconds and this is most likely the reason for it being highly addictive.  Crack is also usually less expensive, both to produce and to buy, in the beginning.  As the addiction takes over, all of this is irrelevant and the cost, both financially and health reasons, is the cost is endless.

The physical effects of cocaine, and crack, may include increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and temperature and pupils that will become dilated.  It will also cause the peripheral blood vessels to constrict. As the tolerance increases, the pleasure that was once felt immediately, fails to ever be reached and, so the addiction begins to get worse.

So, What is Crack Cocaine?  It is the beginning of the end for many addicts.  It appears to be an easy way to get high, but, in reality, it is the start of an endless cycle of addiction.  There is a way out of this cycle and many treatment centers are available to help anyone with the want and need for help.