Drug Addiction

Drug Addict

Who is a drug addict? Only the addict himself knows. If the drug or alcohol abuse is taking up way too much time, energy, money, love and has taken a destructive path, it may benefit you to re-examine the issue.  One’s family and friends may think there is a problem when in reality there is not. On the other hand, more frequently, the family and friends are not aware of the seriousness of the abuse until it is too late.

At this point, there may be indicators that a problem exists.  First, take a good look at the person in question. Are they nervous, or nodding off frequently? Have they suddenly lost a lot of weight?  Are their friends people you think are probably not the best friends? Do they wear long sleeves in the summer? Do they find reasons not to go to work, school or family functions? Are they consistently trying to borrow money? You get the idea, take a good hard look at them and their behavior and make an educated guess based on these factors before you approach them. There will be definite indicators if they are, in fact, a drug addict.

If you determine that there is an alcohol or drug related issue that needs to be addressed, the next concern will be how to get their attention and a favorable response from them.  Remember, you are dealing with a drug addict, so your approach will not follow any standard. To be direct and not very tactful will only throw up a red flag to the person and they will find all kinds of new ways to avoid you. The answer is to allow them to see what the drugs or alcohol is doing to their life. Approach them so they can view the negative aspects of their behavior. Comparisons are always good, “You were in school trying to get a degree in nursing in order to better your life, now you’ve dropped out and have no future plans.” “You used to be the life of our family gatherings and holidays, now we seldom get to even see you.” These comparisons will cause the proposed addict to examine his or her actions.

Now, taking the comparison approach has given the drug addict reason to rethink his life choices and how he or she might go about making better choices. Now the problem, how to get out of the lifestyle one has created for himself. This is a huge issue and the person is afraid of the withdrawal symptoms. Now, after you’ve done your research and have a very good rehab in mind for the person, go in for the kill and offer your assistance in getting them help. They feel as if they are stuck and will need your constant support in order to actually get the help they so desperately need.