Drug Addiction

Drug Information

There is a lot of false data regarding drug information in our society today. One must really do some research in order to get accurate drug information. There are, however, so many resources available with internet access.  Drug abuse is a worldwide problem and statistics prove that drug addiction is affecting or has affected most of the families in today’s society, in some capacity.

  Many doctors are guilty of over-medicating patients to overcome any and every thing.  There are pills to lose weight, gain weight, overcome depression, revive energy levels, lower inhibitions, and etc. Sometimes, common sense must be applied.  Many doctors will write prescriptions for convenience sake.  This is a common mistake many doctors make and rehabs are full of residents with prescription drug addictions to prove this. Doctors are in fact, helping to keep the doors of rehab open and centers worldwide open.  This, by no means, indicates all doctors are guilty of this, but certainly there are a great many.

It becomes our job to make sure we are not misinformed about any drug information we receive.  For instance, a man was prescribed two different medications for high blood pressure and then later placed on a medication for osteoporosis.  There were two different doctors writing prescriptions on two different occasions without either having knowledge of the conflicting effect these medications would have on this man when taken in conjunction with each other. The end result was not good. This man’s blood pressure dropped so low, he became extremely lethargic and unable to move. This oversight disabled a sick man even further. Fortunately, he had many people who governed his health and this was quickly caught and rectified by alleviating one of the blood pressure medications and lowering the dosage of another. This could propose a problem, perhaps even death for many, if not caught soon enough.  The ones most affected are the ones with health issues to begin with but, make no mistake this common fix-all has been abused across the globe.

We, as concerned family members and loved ones, must communicate and be aware of the possible side effects of various medications and get all the drug information possible.  Getting accurate drug information is vital and crucial to your loved one’s health.  Most pharmacies provide a description of exactly what medication is being prescribed, what it’s meant to do, what side effects may occur, etc.  Do not take this drug information lightly. Don’t discard it without reading it, it could prove to save your life or the life of another.  The bottom line is to make sure that you are totally aware of what medications you or your loved ones are being prescribed and what the interaction and possible side effects are before taking any drug.